World Peace Room



Wherever you are around the globe, join The CwG Chapel in daily prayers of thanksgiving for world peace. Take a moment at noon wherever you are located and give thanks that we live in a world in which all people and nations live in peace and happiness.


We hope the quotes below from the Conversations with God help you believe that peace is possible in our lifetime.


The overriding desire of humankind is peace,
and I am showing you that your current beliefs,
do not render you very peaceful.

"Peaceful" is not something you do.
"Peaceful" is something you are.


  Love is the basis of all life.


There is another way.
There is another way to experience God.
There is another way to live Life.
Your differences do not have to create divisions.
Your contrasts do not have to produce conflicts.
The variations in your beliefs
do not have to bring violence to your lives.


Your belief will change the world.