Neale Donald Walsch on Abundance & Holistic Living


This brand-new made-for-television program features one of the greatest speakers of our time, Neale Donald Walsch, on a wide range of essential subjects in our lives: health, illness, spirituality, life, death, and human sexuality. After hearing Neale Donald Walsch speak, we are never quite the same--we become more expansive, more inspired, more capable of creating positive change in our lives. "There is ample evidence in the annals of medical history of people who have absolutely moved against the grain and produced outcomes exactly to the contrary of what their genetic makeup ought to have produced, were genetics in fact the only controlling factor." This program is wonderfully uplifting, filled with warmth and humor. The end result is--just like his books--touching, memorable, and extraordinarily beneficial in helping us improve the quality of our lives. 180 minutes.