Happier Than God - Hardcover


Since the publication of his stunning worldwide bestseller Conversations with God (over two and a half years on the New York Times bestseller list; now published in 37 languages), Neale has been telling readers that a new understanding of God can change lives and change the world. Now, in this new book, he expands on that theme by exploring how ordinary people can work in direct collaboration with God to transform their everyday lives into extraordinary experiences. This is not a book of spiritual theory; but rather it provides a plan we can use to change our lives. Included in the book is a program that Walsch calls "17 Steps to being Happier Than God." This is a plan that combines the best of the conceptual truths from his 9-book Conversations with God series with the new "Five Primary Principles" to turn those concepts into practical tools for altering life for the better - forever.