Tomorrow's God - Audio CD


"Tomorrow's God by New York Times best-selling author Neale Donald Walsch is one of the single most extraordinary spiritual statements of our time. Purporting to be the dictation of a direct conversation with God, it places before humankind an unexpected prediction that our species will create a new God in the very near future. Gone will be the histrionics, requirements and commandments, judgments and punishments of Yesterday's God. Gone, also, will be humanity's collective reaction to its belief in Yesterday's God, which has been one of ongoing conflict and violence. Tomorrow's God describes in detail the character and characteristics of a future Deity whose only emotion is total love for all of humanity and life itself, and whose agenda includes no other objective than to empower life to produce more life, more abundantly and more gloriously in each moment. Striking in its theology and expansive in its cosmology, Tomorrow's God offers the world a path out of its unremitting despair and a just-in-time detour on what many see as its a journey to self-destruction. Compact Discs."


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