CwG Quotes "Unworthiness is the worst indictment ever visited upon the human race. You have based your sense of worthiness on the past, while I base your sense of worthiness on the future. "

- Conversations with God Book 3




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You are creating it all-all of your life- right here, right now. You...YOU...are creating it. Not Me. YOU

- Book Two p 215





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The following lists the contact information for the Directors of the active CwG Wisdom Circles. Please feel free to email any of these contacts with questions about CwG material.





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What Is A Wisdom Circle?

Quite often, when people read the Conversations with God material, they find themselves having questions. Many times these questions relate to concepts in the books. At times each of us has probably had a question arise that relates to our own lives and our relationship to the world. So, when that happens, where do you turn?

In response to just such matters, and to find fellowship to find just such answers the Wisdom Circles were formed. Created in 1999, Wisdom Circles are a collective of 3-10 individuals who respond to some of the hundreds of questions received from readers every month regarding CwG material and/or spiritual perspectives. Wisdom Circle's answer a variety of questions ranging from asking for CwG material clarification to finding out how to apply the wisdom of the With God books to life situations.


Who Makes Up A Wisdom Circle?

Wisdom Circles are composed of loving people who volunteer to assist others in understanding the CwG material at a deeper level. These caring people have been studying the Conversations with God material together, as a Study Group, for at least one year.

They have made application to become a Wisdom Circle and have been given some basic guidelines by the Study Group Coordinator. However, the ReCreation Foundation sees all of the CwG Study Groups and Wisdom Circles as independent entities and is not responsible for the content of their responses. We do believe though, that each of these groups are coming from a place of love and good intention and we encourage you to contact one or more of them with your questions.


Send a Question to Wisdom Circles

You may contact any of the Wisdom Circles (found in our list below) to submit questions relating to CwG material or spirituality in general.

Following your submission, Wisdom Circle members will reflect upon and discuss questions within the group. The response you receive will represent the highest ideas and thoughts that result from the group's discussion.

Please realize that due to the careful attention given to each question, it may take an extended period of time to receive a response.

To assure that your email receives proper attention, it is important that you put the words "Wisdom Circle" in the subject line.

If your study group feels called to become a Wisdom Circle, please email Alyse Rynor at for further information.

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