CwG Quotes "A smile is a window into your Soul. Laughter is the door. "

- Friendship with God




Daily Thought


Remember always that yours is a world of Illusion, that nothing you see is real, and that you may use the illusion to bring you a grand experience of the Ultimate Reality. Indeed, that is what you have come here to do. You are living in a dream of your own creation. Let if be the dream of a lifetime, for that is exactly what it is. You donít always get what you ask, but you always get what you create. Creation follows thought, which follows perception.

- Book Three p 117




Retreats & Events

CwG Deep Study 1 & 2


You asked, we answer…


You asked for answers to your questions on the CwG messages

We answered with the Deep Study Program... an opportunity to join a group, limited to no more than 30, which sits down with Neale to ask any questions you wish about the material, and have Neale answer them directly and fully. This program is especially useful for those who wish to teach the material, lead study groups, or just want to have a better understanding of the material.

We are offering Deep Study 1 and 2 back-to-back. Deep Study 1 will be presented May 18th through 20th, 2011 followed immediately by Deep Study 2, May 21st and 22nd, so you only have to travel one time for both events.


  • May 18 - 20, 2011
    In Deep Study 1 you submit questions, in writing, which creates the content for you and Neale to have an open forum. You have three days, from 9 AM to 7 PM, to have those questions you always wanted to ask answered directly and completely by Neale. Deep Study 1 sets a firm foundation for the in-depth work offered in Deep Study 2 and is a prerequisite for attending Deep Study 2.


  • May 21 - 22, 2011
    In Deep Study 2 Neale will spend two full days (again from 9 AM to 7 PM) explaining in depth, many of the more challenging concepts of the CwG cosmology, such as “Hitler went to heaven”, “There is no such thing as right or wrong”, “There is nothing you have to do” and more.


We have lowered the price from prior years. You can attend Deep Study 1 for $695 and Deep Study 2 for $595. You can now sign up for both programs for only $1195 and a total savings of $595 over last year. We have also added time payments to all three options.
For Deep Study 1 you make an initial payment of $250 and two subsequent payments of $222.50.
For Deep Study 2 you make an initial payment of $200 and two subsequent payments of $197.50.
For Both you have an initial payment of $400 and two subsequent payments of $397.50.


You already know if you are supposed to be here.


Cost Per Person



Date & Location

Rogue Regency Inn & Suites
Medford, OR | May 18 - 22, 2011


If you have any questions please contact Will at or by phone at 352-442-2244.


Payment Info: We accept Visa & MasterCard. We are able to accept only checks drawn on U.S. banks. If you wish to pay by check from outside the U.S. you will need to send an International Money Order, payable in U.S. funds.


Disclaimer: We have designed these retreats for people who are emotionally literate and we intend that clear, healthy energy comes into this work. Due to the group confidentiality and the trust generated among the participants, "dropping in & out" is not permitted, nor is recording the sessions. These are "intensive retreats" and are cumulative in design.

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