CwG Quotes "Your perspective creates your thoughts, and your thoughts create everything. "

- Conversations With God Book 3






Daily Thought


Humanity's future depends on what humanity thinks about itself. It depends on what humanity thinks about God, and about Life. The more you know about how to destroy yourself, the more you need to know about how to save yourself. It is time now to expand your base of knowledge of God and of Life, to grow in your understandings, to increase your awareness and to enlarge your consciousness

- Tomorrow's God p 18, 21









The ReCreation Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit foundation created by Neale Donald Walsch to address the overwhelming response from people around the world who desire to do something tangible to spread the message of Conversations with God. In order to help people 'be the change they wish to see', the Foundation has created retreats, activities and programs that allow people to use this message to change their own lives and the world at large. For more, check out Neale's Story.




In 1993 after receiving the first of the Conversations with God material, Neale Donald Walsch was deeply inspired by the message that "the purpose of life is to recreate ourselves anew in the highest version of the grandest vision we ever had about ourselves." In order to take action with the messages and guidance of the conversations, Neale wanted to make the truths and lessons from the CwG book not only functional, but also universally available. Therefore, he formed ReCreation, the Foundation for Personal Growth and Spiritual Understanding. Incorporated in 1995, the Foundation was established as a non-denominational, 501C-3 non-profit.





At the ReCreation Foundation Inc., we envision a planet where world peace and global sustainability is a reality. We believe that this can be attained through the embodiment of the Conversations with God material, and the work of other spiritual teachers, in a way that will cause us to recreate our relationship with God. Because of this transformed relationship, we may also recreate our relationships with ourselves and with the entire human family.


From this transformed connection with God and with ourselves, we can be more loving, more peaceful, more harmonious and cooperative. Through simply Being in the world in this way, we believe that peace and global sustainability will materialize through the shared knowledge, resources and actions of all individuals.




The mission of the ReCreation Foundation, Inc. is to create an environment in which a new form of spirituality can emerge upon the planet. We are dedicated to assisting people to be the change they wish to see in the world by sharing the message of the Conversations with God books, and by creating cooperative partnerships with people and organizations to seek to apply this and similar messages in their daily lives.


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Our Commitment


In order to maintain our commitment to create the space for a new spirituality, the Foundation produces activities and programs that allow people to activate their spirituality and to study and grow through the Conversations with God material. In addition to providing teaching materials and outreach programs, we welcome every loving soul to join the Foundation and Humanity's Team, as well as our larger global community, in demonstrating and living the principles of Conversations with God.