CwG Quotes "The highest nature of all pleasure is that aspect of pleasure which causes you to create Who You Really Are in your experience right here, right now-and to re-create, and re-create again Who You Are at the next highest level. "

- Conversations With God Book 3





Daily Thought


If you see a future event or experience you do not like, don't choose it! Choose again! Select another! Change or alter your behavior so as to avoid the undesired outcome.

- Book Two p 63




Bulletin #900


April 10, 2020

Why Would Your Soul Do This?

A Note from Neale

My dear friends...

As you know, we have been having an ongoing exploration here of The Holy Experience. And last week we said that The Holy Experience is when nothing has changed, but everything is different.

What has been altered is not the Exterior, but the Interior. Now you are clear that you are choosing, and that nothing is being forced upon you, with regard to how you are experiencing Life.

Now I am clear as I write this that this idea, this attitude, could only be easily embraced by people who are living in a free society. For other human beings many, many other human beings who live under the rule of despots, who do not have access to any kind of real economic or occupational opportunity, talk such as what I have been rolling out here might understandably fall on deaf ears.

"That's easy for you to say," those people might mutter. And in a human sense they would be right. Only from the standpoint of the Soul would any of this make sense in all human situations — even life under the thumb of a despot.

One would have to ask, from the level of Soul...Why has the Soul chosen to incarnate, to take a physical form, in a circumstance of such personal oppression? Could it be that the Soul knew exactly what it was doing?

Yet why would any Soul do such a thing on purpose?

Could it be that Souls who live physical lives of oppression or pain do so with the highest spiritual awareness and intention? Could it be that many who are doing so are doing it in order to give those who are not living such lives the opportunity to experience themselves as helpers, as healers, and perhaps even as liberators?

Could it even be that those who live such lives in the extreme allow themselves, at the Soul level, to endure such physical experiences in order to ultimately prove and demonstrate to the rest of us Who We Really Are? Could they be showing us that our Being is not merely a Body and a Mind, and that our physical suffering ends when the Body and Mind are raised to the highest level of awareness of our true identity?

Could this be what The Resurrection was all about?

Was what happened to Jesus something that Jesus had to endure, or something his Soul chose to experience? Which was it…? And if it was the second, was the Soul of Jesus the only soul in the history of the world to make such a choice?

I have been told that the answer to that question is no. I know it is difficult to believe, but I have been told that the answer is no. Many souls, I have been told, experience their own individualized persecutions and crucifixions – and for exactly the same reason.

And we will continue this extraordinary discussion next week in this space.

Hugs and Love,

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Letters to Neale:

Reader question:

Dear Neale,

I have written this question before, but no answer so I shall try again: Why not appear on television talk shows or PBS specials like Dr. Dyer? I mention your books and ideas to many friends and family, but they have no idea who you are. Yet, I mention Dr. Wayne Dyer, and they know him.

Your philosophical concepts are every bit as important (even more important, as far as I am concerned) as Dr. Dyer's; yet, the word just doesn't seem to be hitting the masses.

I am confused that you can have so many best-selling books and be so unknown.

Please, the world needs your ideas so urgently. Television works for Evangelical religions, why not for you?

Some day in the future people will recognize their addiction to myths, but I would like to see that realization come sooner.

Sincerely, Ken


Neale Responds:

Dear Ken... Thank you for the kind thoughts and good energies that you are holding around this CwG message. To answer your questions... public television would not be able to give me program time, as it gives Wayne, because I am the Man Who Talked to God, and that puts me into the category of Religion, and television supported by tax dollars probably cannot go there.

Television works for evangelical religions because they have a great deal of money, buy their own program time on commercial television stations, and then pitch like crazy at the end of the show for more contributions to support the show. They give away "premiums" for people who send in money, like free pictures of Christ holding the world, or a free prayer book, or something. You've seen them, and so have I. I have nothing against this, and do not judge or condemn it. I admire them, in fact, for doing what it takes to get the word out. I just cannot imagine myself doing that particular thing in that particular way.

Now if someone came along – some person or group – and said, "We will support you in putting this message on television," and paid for the studio production and on-air time, I would do it in a minute. Know anybody like that? Want to start a Put CwG On Television Campaign?


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