CwG Quotes "Cause another to remember. That which you wish for yourself, give to another. . . what I give to another I give myself. "

- Conversations with God Book 3


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I am always in touch with your deepest desire, and I always give you that

- Book Three p 20




Bulletin #883


December 13, 2019

Giving Meaning Is Sacred

A Note from Neale

Hello my wonderful friends...

As I said here last week, there are many areas of life, many situations, in which you may choose to have the Holy Experience. What it takes to experience the fact one is already a Master is to make a commitment to having the Holy Experience every day. Indeed, all day every day, if it is possible. And it is.

Beginning this week we will look into the various areas or aspects of our lives to see, one area at a time, how one may move into the Holy Experience, at will.

Let's break down the average person's life into five distinct areas, then use the weeks just ahead to explore each of them as they relate to the Holy Experience.

Loosely, most people's lives might be broken down into these areas or situations:

1. Yourself
2. Your significant other
3. Your family
4. Your work or chief activity
5. Your larger life in the world

Of course, such arbitrary "categories" are always deceiving, always incomplete, always fuzzy as to borders and boundaries. Nevertheless, it could be said that, in the main, one's activities during a typical day will involve interactions with either one's self, one's significant other, one's other family members, one's work or chief activity, or one's "larger world" contacts, acquaintances, and outside-of-the-house connections (the clerk at the post office, the lady at the supermarket, the people at the hair styling salon, etc.)

As already noted, there are overlaps, certainly. But let's focus in, for the purposes of this exploration, on those five areas of human interaction.

The Holy Experience and Yourself

This is where it all starts. This is where everything begins, if it is to begin at all. All experience commences with the Self. All experience resides within the Self. All experience is created by the Self. Absent the Self, there is no experience at all.

That is the answer to the classic question: Does a tree falling in the forest make a sound if there is no one there?

The answer is, yes, of course. Yet the tree making noise is an occurrence. The act of someone hearing the noise is an experience. In life, if a thing has occurred but it has not been experienced, its occurrence means nothing at all.

Nothing has any meaning, save the meaning we give it. If there is no one to give it meaning, it has no meaning. Things do not have meaning in and of themselves. There is no such thing as intrinsic meaning. As well, there is no such thing as intrinsic truth.

This is the Holy Experience, right here. The Holy Experience is the giving of meaning to something by us.

It is in the moment that we give something meaning that the most sacred experience takes place.

The experience is pure creation — and that is sacred, indeed. It is the most extraordinary thing that a sentient being can do.

There are two ways to give something meaning: (1) we can pull the meaning from our Past, or (2) we can choose the meaning in our Present, as Highly Evolved Beings would do.

(Once again, this is explained with wonderful clarity in the CWG book When Everything Changes, Change Everything, where will be found an extraordinary explanation of the Mechanics of the Mind and the System of the Soul.)

And we will continue our explorations of all of this here next week. Until then...

Hugs and Love,

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Letters to Neale:

Reader question:

Dear Neale,

I have three questions that came up for me while reading
CwG, Book 1.

(1) There has been of late a surge of literature about, an interest in, angels. What do you think or feel about this subject?

(2) God seemed to have some pretty strong feelings about eating animals, but it seems to me people have been eating animals as far back as the cave man. And even animals eat animals! So when did it become inadvisable?

(3) Lastly, I was really shaken after reading pg. 190 in
CwG, Book 1 where it indicated that annual physicals and use of medicine are something we should engage in. Now back on pg. 49, it mentioned that the medical establishment opposes new treatments, even miracles.

I have always felt that by walking into a doctor's office I was giving up the belief that my body is capable of healing itself. In addition, by going into an atmosphere where sickness is a business and a very strong belief, I was creating a situation for myself in which I would actually make myself sick. Going to a doctor is saying "I am" sick, thereby creating the physical reality of sickness. And what about the drugs they give you? What about radiation therapy? Now there's a hell of an idea! Let's prescribe something that's going to make people sick as hell and probably won't work anyway! Why not help people find out why they came down with cancer instead?

Janet, CT


Neale Responds:

Dear Janet,

(1) I think angels are very real, very present, and very wonderful.

(2) God has no preference in the matter of whether we eat animal flesh or not. He simply notices that we have a preference for living long and healthy lives, and offers His advice on how to do that. And, incidentally, when noticing that "even animals eat animals," it should be pointed out that animals eaten by animals are often still alive, or have just been killed, and have probably never been injected with chemicals, preservatives, hormones, etc., which is more than can be said about the long-dead animals humans eat.

(3) Let's look at your comments on medical doctors, one statement at a time.

First, you said that you have always felt that by walking into a doctor's office you were giving up the belief that your body is capable of healing itself. Of course, if you have always felt that way, and if you refuse to change how you've "always felt," then there you have it. It can be no other way. On the other hand, you can decide not to feel that way. When I walk into a doctor's office I walk in with the feeling that my body can heal itself, and that a doctor can sometimes be of help, too. By taking an airplane to Dubuque, I am in no way invalidating my ability to get to Dubuque by car. I am simply choosing another way (perhaps a faster way) of getting where I want to go. In life, Janet, making one choice does not invalidate the other. Choosing chocolate does not make vanilla "wrong." Unless, of course, it does. It all depends on how you feel about it.

Next, you said that when you went into a doctor's office you were going into an atmosphere where sickness is a business. I think differently. I see a doctor's office as a place where the people there say healing is the business. Therefore, I do not see myself as creating a situation for myself in which I would actually make myself sick, but, rather, creating a situation for myself in which I would actually make myself well.

As for drugs and radiation therapy, there are as many people for whom these measures have done a lot of good as there are for whom they have been ineffective. I am not willing to dismiss all drug intervention on the basis of someone's idea that drugs are no good. And I know too many people who have greatly benefited from radiation therapy--including some very close to me--to dismiss that avenue out of hand. Now you ask, why not help people find out why they came down with cancer instead? I agree with you. The question should be asked. But the person who already has cancer may want some additional assistance.

Yet the point of CwG, Janet, is that you create your own reality. There is no contradiction in the book on this point. If you see or perceive other contradictions, always go with your own deepest feelings, your own deepest truth. I am not here to talk you out of your truth, but to assist in leading you to it.


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Holiday Retreat

The Conversations with God
Annual Year-End Holiday Retreat


December 29-31, 2019

A very special moment for reflection on the past year

and the setting of intentions for the next year

There come times in the human experience when the Heart, Mind, and Soul—all three—call to us at the deepest place of our being to simply stop, just for a while, and look at where we have been...and where we want to be going. The end of every calendar year is one such obvious time. And this year, it is a more powerful time than ever. Look around you. Look at what is going on in your life. Then look at what is going on all over the world. When you make an assessment of all this, you will understand why Neale has created this very appropriate topic for this CWG retreat: DEALING WITH UNWELCOME OR UNEXPECTED CHANGE.  

This timely end-of-year retreat is designed to move you to clarity on how you may employ spiritual tools to help you mentally and emotionally cope with all that is happening around the globe — with leaders on the world stage loudly and belligerently threatening to destroy each other, with global warming whipping up storms to a level we have never seen before, and with social and political issues dividing people more profoundly and disturbingly than ever — to say nothing of the shifting conditions in our personal lives. Using the eye-opening messages of Conversations with God as a source and a reference point, these three days could bring you closer to inner peace than you have been in a very long time.

Let this be the perfect gift for you, or someone you know who is expressing worry, concern, or upset about the state of the world, or about an aspect of their personal lives. DEALING WITH UNWELCOME OR UNEXPECTED CHANGE will help you apply the messages of CWG to life as it is showing up right now. There could be no better way to start 2020.

This is not a typical "workshop," with lots of dyads and breakout groups and "circle-ups"... This is a spiritual renewal retreat, consisting of quiet conversation, gentle spiritual invitations, and highly personal interactive exchanges with the author of Conversations with God as he moves with you through the intimate process of your own awakening to greater clarity on what you wish to be, do, and have in your Life, using the special messages of the spiritual books that have changed the world.

And, after a catered dinner together, the program culminates with a wonderful New Year's Resolutions Ritual just before Midnight on December 31st, followed by dancing and celebration as participants ring in 2020 with Neale and his wife Em, strengthened by new decisions regarding personal choices and the creating of new inner realities in the year ahead.

DATES: Sunday, December 29th through Tuesday, December 31st.

FLEX-PRICING DETAILS: We are happy to share our Flexible Pricing Options for this and other similar workshops. All you have to do is select the price that you feel is most appropriate to you given the value you place on such a program and your own financial means.

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SCHOLARSHIPS: By instituting the Flex-Pricing Options we have eliminated the need to offer partial scholarships, because a person can now self select an appropriate price option that is a fraction of the full ticket value. For those who feel they still require a "full ride" scholarship, we have instituted a special wait list to our Annual No Fee retreat. Those who sign up for this wait list will receive the No Fee Retreat announcement email 24 hours before the general public, thus giving this wait list a chance to register before this fast-filling retreat hits capacity (which it typically does in 24-36 hours). You can join that wait list HERE.

LOCATION: The event is held in Medford, Oregon, at the Rogue Regency Inn & Suites. Hotel accommodations are not included in the regular price of the conference registration. There are rooms available in the facility where the retreat is taking place (the Rogue Regency Inn & Suites) at the discounted rate of $89/night for single or double occupancy. For reservations, please call 541-770-1234 and request the "Conversations with God" group rate. To receive this group rate, reservations must be made well in advance. Persons reserving rooms very near the program start date will be quoted the hotel's regular room rate.

The Rogue Regency features a full service restaurant offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, beauty salon, barbershop, massage therapist, indoor heated pool, spa, terry bathrobes and feather pillows in all guest rooms, with optional two-room suites with hot tub and fireplace at a slightly higher price, plus free transportation to and from the Medford Airport (MFR), five minutes away. Call them to arrange pick up: 541-770-1234.

SCHEDULE: Event check-in begins at 9am at the Hotel on December 29, with the first session starting at 10am. The daily schedule runs from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., with morning, afternoon, and evening sessions each day separated by 90-minute meal breaks. The New Year's Eve dinner is included, and includes both non-vegetarian and vegetarian fare. The program ends after the New Year's Eve party, late the night of December 31 following a very special New Year's Resolutions Ritual.

PLEASE NOTE: We gently ask that persons attending this retreat plan to attend every session from beginning to end, leaving the room only during regular break and meal times.  Persons who miss an entire session of the retreat will miss so much of its content that it will be extremely difficult to reenter the program beneficially.  Therefore, if your health circumstance makes it not possible for you to be in the room for three-hour sessions, this retreat may be too rigorous for you.

CONTACT: For more program information, contact Will Richardson at
1-352-442-2244 (in Oregon, USA Pacific Time) or email 

CANCELLATION POLICY: Payment is required in full at time of registration. A cancellation fee of 35% of the amount you choose in the Flex-Plan will be charged for cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the event start date. NO REFUND CAN BE ISSUED if you cancel LESS THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT START DATE, as we will have held a place for you, and it will be in most cases too late for others to book your space. We know that you understand.

Thank you for your interest in this very special spiritual renewal retreat.
We hope to see you there.



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