CwG Quotes "You don't always get what you ask, but you always get what you create. Creation follows thought, which follows perception. "

- Conversations with God Book 3


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God needs nothing. God requires nothing in order to be happy. God is happiness itself. Therefore, God requires nothing of anyone or anything in the universe

- The New Revelation-Fourth New Revelation p 102




Bulletin #863


July 26, 2019

Your Life's Assignment

A Note from Neale

Hello my wonderful friends...

Conversations with God has taught me that what is going on in my life is not simply a journey from nowhere to nowhere. This is a process. Life is a process. It is a process with purpose and meaning. It is a function of the Universe. It is the Present Action of an Eternal Activity. I am not an infinitesimal speck of dust on the cosmic floor, unworthy to even be seen, much less celebrated. I am a big and important, and yes, an even glorious part of an Ever Ongoing Expression of Divinity.

Conversations with God also taught me that God forgives me completely and utterly for my "offenses" — which God sees as merely "mistakes," "misunderstandings," and simple "errors," holding me in the cradle of Her love, embracing me in the warmth of His compassion and deep understanding, encouraging me now and giving me the strength to move forward with my purpose in this life: to know myself as Who I Really Am, and to experience that.

In this way, God experiences IT-self... and it is the only way God can.

Each of us, I have come to see, embraces a mission. That is, there is a singular "assignment" (if I could use the word) that we give ourselves in each lifetime. (Oh, yes, we have multiple lifetimes. An infinite number, in fact.) Each assignment allows us to express and experience additional aspects of Divinity.

My assignment is this lifetime, it has become clear, is plain and it is simple: to give people back to themselves, and to change the world's mind about God. In a very large sense, this is the mission of all of us, and each of us is playing it out in the way that is natural and perfect for us in every incarnation.

We are given the gift of God's joy and God's peace in our heart, and offered an invitation to share it with everyone whose life we touch — regardless of exterior appearances that sometimes seem to make it impossible to do so.

I have come to see that all of life's circumstances, conditions, events, and experiences have been sent to me as opportunities to do that. Each moment — even (and especially) the worst among them — is a gift, creating a Contextual Field within which I might choose how I wish to experience myself, and decide what part of that interior experience I shall express in physical form. And so I thank God for each and every manifestation of life now producing that Contextual Field. I shall judge not, and neither condemn.

This living without judgment is the hardest part for me, but it is the beginning of the Holy Experience, and as I have looked at the depth of my life it has been made clear to me that so many people would have to live without judgment of ME in order for me to feel the love that is all around me. And so the least I can do in exchange for this unspeakable blessing is to offer the same in return, and to live without judgment of others. For who among us shall cast the first stone?

I have been invigorated in my life morning by this freedom-giving thought: I am forgiven, by God and by all those who love me. I choose now to forgive myself as well, thus to dwell in the joyful place of enlivened creation. For nothing good is created from guilt, and all things wonderful emerge from joy.

What a joy this life is, with all its sadness and pain, its strife and travail, its tests and its obstacles. What a joy to be alive and experiencing all of it, and to be able to choose which part of it to internalize and call my own. Having this choice, and exercising it, is the Holy Experience.

Hugs and Love,

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Letters to Neale:

Reader question:

Dear Neale... I am hoping the current issues in the news will compel you to address one of the basic ideas our country was founded on, the right to bear arms. It seems there aren't many people 'on the fence' regarding this issue. I am personally a pacifist, yet I don't have a solution to the problem of how to defend yourself against those with guns, without guns. Ever been to 'neutral' Switzerland? Neutral by force, yet they are not killing each other in the streets. What's the difference? Jesus said turn the other cheek. Where would that get us? Occupied? 

I grew up in a household with guns. My father lived through the depression and his mother's motto was, if you can kill it, I can cook it. It was a matter of eating or going hungry. I was taught to shoot and respect guns at a young age, although always a little fearful, I was mostly uninterested. My father felt very strongly about the right to own guns, for hunting as well as protection (he fought in WWII). He was a member of the NRA. I know there are millions like him. I understand both sides of the issue, but do not see a solution to the problem that we are facing in the U.S.    

What are your thoughts? 'Abraham's' thought is that there always was war, and there always will be, just don't make it a part of your experience. That is the way I thought I was handling it, and yet it has become part of my experience. Given my belief system (thank you Dad and world), it isn't surprising. (Changing my belief system is about the hardest thing I have ever attempted. Beliefs are embedded in every single thought! Wow!)

I would love to hear your thoughts. Do we need the right to bear arms? Has it just gone too far? Should the constitution read: the right to bear hunting rifles and stun guns?

With a joyous heart,


Neale Responds:

Dear Lori...

There are only two reasons to have a gun in one's hands: to defend or to attack. Both reasons are correctly seen as obsolete once you have set off on a spiritual path. For the spiritual path takes you to an experience of Who You Really Are, and when you have had this experience — if only for a moment — defense becomes unnecessary and attack becomes unthinkable.

One argument of gun owners is that guns are needed to hunt. Yet it is not necessary to kill other animals in order to eat. Another argument of gun owners is that guns are needed to defend one's self. Yet defense is never necessary when being attacked can take nothing from you that you want or need. The Master is one who neither wants nor needs anything, so defense become pointless.

Let me give you an example. Byron Katie is the author of the extraordinary volume, Loving What Is. In one of her later books She tells the story of being mugged. A man approached her, stuck a gun in her belly, and said he was going to kill her. Byron looked at the man and said, "I wish you wouldn't do that." The man replied coarsely that he had to, he had no choice, to which Byron replied, "In that case, thank you for doing the best that you can."

The mugger blinked twice, tilted his head as a dog does to make sure he has heard what he's heard, blinked again, stowed his gun, turned and walked away, shaking his head.

Conversations with God says that all fear is ultimately a fear of death. When you do not fear death, you do not fear life. If you think that death is the end of life, you will fear living, especially if you think you can lose your life. If you are clear that death is not an end, but the beginning of something quite extraordinary, you will not fear the path that takes you there, however it takes you.

This is all that life is. Life is a pathway to death. When you understand this, and understand why you are taking this path, you begin to understand life itself, and are no longer afraid of losing it, for you realize that this is something you cannot do. Life is a journey of the soul, having nothing to do with the physical body. The body is something you have, not something you are. It is a tool used by the soul in the never-ending process of the recreation and experiencing of the Self.

A gun is a weapon. No matter how you slice it, no matter how you parse it, no matter how you look at it or try to explain it, a gun is a weapon. Spiritual masters do not require weapons for any reason.

The owning of a weapon is the disowning of the Self. It is an announcement that you have rejected Who You Really Are. You have no reason to own or use a weapon of any kind unless you have abandoned your true identity.

I hope, Lori, that this response has been helpful to you.


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Just do it. You know you want to be here.

CWG on Relationships

August 9-11, 2019

A 3-day exploration of the most meaningful aspect of every life
with CWG messenger Neale Donald Walsch

"There is no more important aspect of anyone's life than the human interaction we call 'relationship.' Without an important relationship with something or someone, we are nothing." This statement comes directly out of the Conversations with God dialogue. It is only through our relationship with those we love — including, hopefully, ourselves — that we can express and experience the wondrous joy of life.

Neale Donald Walsch is once again presenting a full-scale spiritual renewal retreat focused specifically on the subject of relationship. He is doing so again now, in response to the many requests he has received from CWG readers to share his understanding of how the messages of these extraordinary dialogues may be effectively applied to what can be for many among the most challenging experiences in life: their relationships with their Significant Other, with their children and other family members, and even with their bosses or colleagues at work.

Neale will work in a direct and very personal way to help members of the group deal in a new way with whatever frustrations or circumstances that may now be facing them — as well as to create the relationship of which every person dreams, and how to transform a present relationship into a joyous, fulfilling, and rewarding experience. You're invited to join us for three days and evenings that could alter your experience of relationship forever for the better.

DATES: Friday, August 9th through Sunday, August 11th, 2019.

FLEX-PRICING DETAILS: We are happy to share our Flexible Pricing Options for this and other similar workshops. All you have to do is select the price that you feel is most appropriate to you given the value you place on such a program and your own financial means.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: All of the proceeds made from this event, after the considerable costs of presenting it, will go back into bringing the CWG messages into the world.

Please click on one of the following options to select your price:

This Flex-Price Plan is our response to the economic conditions that have affected many people around the world. We know that everyone will be fair in determining what payment is appropriate for them. Please keep in mind that your personal travel, food and lodging expenses must be paid by you.

We can offer these flex-pricing options for our programs, but we cannot, of course, ask airlines, hotels, and restaurants to offer you their services for greatly reduced prices, or for free.

SCHOLARSHIPS: By instituting the Flex-Pricing Options we have eliminated the need to offer partial scholarships, because a person can now self select an appropriate price option that is a fraction of the full ticket value. For those who feel they still require a "full ride" scholarship, we have instituted a special wait list to our Annual No Fee retreat. Those who sign up for this wait list will receive the No Fee Retreat announcement email 24 hours before the general public, thus giving this wait list a chance to register before this fast-filling retreat hits capacity (which it typically does in 24-36 hours). You can join that wait list HERE.

LOCATION: The event is held in Medford, Oregon, at the Rogue Regency Inn & Suites. Hotel accommodations are not included in the regular price of the conference registration. There are rooms available in the facility where the retreat is taking place (the Rogue Regency Inn & Suites) at the discounted rate of $89/night for single or double occupancy. For reservations, please call 541-770-1234 and request the "Conversations with God" group rate. To receive this group rate, reservations must be made well in advance. Persons reserving rooms very near the program start date will be quoted the hotel's regular room rate.

The Rogue Regency features a full service restaurant offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, beauty salon, barbershop, massage therapist, indoor heated pool, spa, terry bathrobes and feather pillows in all guest rooms, with optional two-room suites with hot tub and fireplace at a slightly higher price, plus free transportation to and from the Medford Airport (MFR), five minutes away. Call them to arrange pick up: 541-770-1234.

PROGRAM AGENDA: Times are approximate. This is a rough schedule and subject to change.

PLEASE NOTE: We gently ask that persons attending this retreat plan to attend every session from beginning to end, leaving the room only during regular break and meal times.  Persons who miss an entire session of the retreat will miss so much of its content that it will be extremely difficult to reenter the program beneficially.  Therefore, if your health circumstance makes it not possible for you to be in the room for three-hour sessions, this retreat may be too rigorous for you.

9:00am: Onsite event check-in at the hotel

10am - 12:30pm: Morning session with Neale

12:30pm - 2:00pm: Lunch break

2:00pm - 5:30pm: Afternoon session with Neale

5:30pm - 7:00pm: Dinner break

7:00pm - 10:00pm: Evening session with Neale

9am - 12:30pm: Morning session with Neale

12:30pm - 2:00pm: Lunch break

2:00pm - 5:30pm: Afternoon session with Neale

5:30pm - 7:00pm: Dinner break

7:00pm - 10:00: pm Evening session with Neale

9am - 12:30pm: Morning session with Neale

12:30pm - 2pm: Lunch break

2pm - 5pm: Final session and conclusion to this marvelous event

For more program information, contact Will Richardson at
 1-352-442-2244 (in Oregon, USA Pacific Time) or

CANCELLATION POLICY: Payment is required in full at time of registration. A cancellation fee of 35% of the amount you choose in the Flex-Plan will be charged for cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the event start date. NO REFUND CAN BE ISSUED if you cancel LESS THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT START DATE, as we will have held a place for you, and it will be in most cases too late for others to book your space. We know that you understand.




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Neale Donald Walsch invited Annie Sims to create this program and work with you online to assist you. Annie has personally trained with Neale since 2005. She serves as secretary/treasurer of the Conversations with God Foundation, as co-facilitator of a bi-weekly CWG Spiritual Study Group in Los Angeles, and as one of five CWG Life Coaches personally chosen by Neale. She shares in a light-hearted way many stories of how she has used the concepts to transform her life as well as many of the seemingly miraculous events she’s experienced along the way. Annie is a firm believer in how the CWG books have changed her life for the better, and she loves sharing how you too can use it.

The Wisdom that Works curriculum covers Conversations with God’s 25 core concepts in three learning levels:

Level One explores the most fundamental messages of CWG with its courses "The Basics" and "Creation and Purpose." 

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Level Three encompasses some of the most advanced concepts from CWG in “The Power of Threes” and “Moving Beyond the Illusions.”

Each learning level consists of eight lessons, and each lesson is followed by Self-Reflection Questions and Action Steps. You post your answers online, then Annie posts back with feedback on your work, gently guiding you in using that lesson’s concept and fine-tuning your comprehension of it.

All of your work is done online inside the program, and you go at your own pace. The lessons are neither time nor labor intensive, yet we suggest that you do only one per week, in order to fully embody that lesson’s concept before moving on to the next one. Each level consists of eight lessons, so if you choose to do all three levels at the pace of one per week, it will take you approximately six months to complete the program. You will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Your access to the program never expires, and you are welcome to refer back to it for years to come.

You may sign up for one level at a time for a cost of $120 each. Or save 20% by signing up to take all three levels in the program, for a total cost of $288. Whether you sign up for only one level or all three, Annie will be with you every step of the way.


"Wow, Annie, I was so impressed by your lessons. Congratulations to you for achieving your dreams. It's so nice to be around company that believes that dreams do come true. I found what you said really moving, uplifting and inspiring. You're like a mentor that reminds me that I, too, can live the dream. Neale could not have chosen a better person for this job."
    ~ Julia S.

"I LOVE it. You are so GOOD at this!!! LOVE the stories from your life. They make all this so REAL, so HERE AND NOW, DOWN TO EARTH. Yes!! Also, GREAT 'assignments'... YES! I LOVE IT! Whew!"
    ~ Neale W. :)

For more information or to sign up, please click here.


Finding Right Livelihood by Living the Life You Love

The CwG Foundation is proud to offer our EXCLUSIVE online course from Neale Donald Walsch

Neale brings you into his home for an in-depth discussion, offering practical hands-on tools to assist you in living the life you love. He offers a path to experiencing all the joy and depth that life can provide. Drawing from a range of CwG teachings, this course brings together the best of the best principles to enhance your life and heal the world around us.

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Neale's newest book:

Conversations with God:
Book 4 ~ Awaken the Species

We’re in Trouble. But There Is Help... If We Listen.

Is it possible that everything we think we know about God, and what God wants, is wrong?

In the middle of the night on August 2, 2016, Neale Donald Walsch found himself drawn into a new and totally unexpected dialogue with God in which he suddenly faced two questions:

Is the human race being offered help by Highly Evolved Beings from Another Dimension?

Is there a key role that humans are being invited to play in advancing their own evolution by joining in a mutual mission to assist the planet during the critical times ahead?

He was told that the answer to both questions is yes.

Then he was given 16 specific examples of how Highly Evolved Beings respond to life differently than humans do―and how adopting even a few of those behaviors could change the course of world history for the better forever.

That information makes up the body of this work. 

A striking invitation to every reader sets the stage for the extraordinary explorations that follow. Picking up where Book 3 in the Conversations with God Trilogy series left off, the revelations about Highly Evolved Beings and about how ordinary humans can answer the call to help awaken the species on Earth will breathtakingly expand your view of both your personal and your collective future.

Which is exactly what the dialogue was intended to do.

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NOTE: You may also read the book for free on my Facebook page, where it is posted every other day in installments.