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I tell you this: The purpose of life is not to please God. The purpose of life is to know, and to recreate, Who You Are.

- Book Two p 41




Bulletin #845


March 22, 2019

The Great Principles of Life

A Note from Neale

Hello, Everyone...

I have received quite a few requests for topics to discus in the Weekly Bulletin and one that kept reoccurring over and over again in your requests was The Law of Attraction. "Please, Neale, could you explain how the principle of 'Attraction' works, from the CWG point of view?" one letter said. "Does Conversations with God agree with The Secret?"

The answer is, well...yes and no. There is truth to the Law of Attraction as it is discussed in the movie and the book, The Secret, but there is more to it than that. I had a problem with The Secret in that it did not explain in any clear or compelling way the role that God plays in the Law of Attraction. In fact, the word "God" was not even mentioned in the film until around 3 minutes before the end of the movie – and then in only a very brief, cursory way.

So let me now contextualize this business of "attraction" with the CWG framework — which, as you know, is all about "God," and God's role in our life.

For this exploration I will be turning to the remarkable CWG book, Happier Than God. It says...

The Energy of Attraction is part of a larger system of cause-and-effect in the Universe. Talking about "attraction" as if it were a law unto itself is a little like talking about the law of gravity without discussing the physics explaining what gravity does, and why. Okay, so a thing drops. So what...?

Let us look, then, and look deeply, at the great principles of life.

Life expresses itself through:

1. The Energy of Attraction, which gives you power.

2. The Law of Opposites, which gives you opportunity.

3. The Gift of Wisdom, which gives you discernment.

4. The Joy of Wonder, which gives you imagination.


5. The Presence of Cycles, which gives you eternity.

This larger system regulates the Process of Personal Creation — or what The Secret calls The Law of Attraction. You might even call this Larger System and this process that regulates the law, "God."

This is a new thought to many people. Invite yourself to explore this idea, just for now. Could "God" really be, after all is said and done, a process? And could that process by the experience called Life? Is the Process of Personal Creation simply the playing out of life as it naturally expresses?

Life, I have come to understand, is God. It is God being God, and becoming what God is next going to Be. This is a complex and extraordinary system that includes a Process that produces an Expression called life.

This system is a circle. Imagine this circle in your mind. On this circle, life's process produces life's expression, life's expression creates life's experience, and life's experience creates life's process. One thing leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to another, in a never-ending cycle. It is all One.

Life as it is created is the process, life as it appears is the expression, and life as it affects us is the experience. How it affects us is determined by us — and this is not something that is understood by most people.

The eternal cycle of process/expression/experience is Divinity Itself. It is God, godding.

This is the manifestation of the Presence of Cycles. All things respond to this presence. All things exist in cycles. All things have their being within the system — and there is nothing outside of that system.

Where 'Attraction' comes in

Attraction is part of this system, as are the other great Principles of Life. Conscious use of the Principles that are the foundation of the Process of Personal Creation produces an Expression of life that leads to the Experience of Divinity.

Are you tracking me here? Stay close to me. Keep tracking. Re-read a few words if you wish to. Keep tracking.

Now...just as physics explains and controls the physical aspects and elements of our lives, so, too, do metaphysics explain and control the larger-than-physical aspects and elements of our lives.

Attraction is part of those metaphysics. It is an energy magnet. It pulls to itself everything like itself. It obeys, absolutely, the principle: Like Attracts Like.

This energy magnet, this Power from God, is being used by us in the Process of Personal Creation — and it is being used all the time, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not.

So now, when discussing our own power to produce our own reality, we never again have to ask, "Where is God in all of this?"

Now we know.

Next week, Conscious vs Unconscious Choice. Are we creating things without knowing it??? See you then!

Love and Hugs,

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Through the years the Weekly Bulletin and its articles written by Neale Donald Walsch have become a favorite in the email boxes of thousands of readers around the world. We are pleased to present in this space, in addition to Neale's newest articles, occasional selections from the very best of his past writings for this publication. We do not wish our scores of readers to miss any of these commentaries, showing us the way to apply CWG in our daily lives. Whether a new presentation or an encore printing, we trust that you will receive much value from these writings from the man who brought us Conversations with God.

Letters to Neale:

Reader question:

Dear Neale:

Would you please clarify something I am confused about? Tithing. I tithed for years when I was in a fundamentalist church, so I know what it means. For the past year I have been giving away at least ten percent of my gross income, most of it to sources of spiritual growth. So many different things I've read have been consistent about the importance of putting back at least ten percent into the universe, but there seems to be no consensus about where to give it.

You have also talked about being the source of what we choose to experience more of. So, if I desire more money in my life, I need to give to those who have less. Does this come out of my tithe, or is it extra? I am willing to contribute to Habitat for Humanity, because I wish to own a house. Again, should this be out of my tithe, or above it? <

Also, if I wish to own a house, and give thanks that a house is coming into my life, how specific must I be about what I would like? Do specifications limit God? Do I assume God knows what is best for me? Is vagueness usable by God/the Universe? Again, I get different messages from different places.

God bless you, Neale!
Brenda, CA


Neale Responds:

My Dear Brenda,

God bless you, too! You know, you ask some of the most important questions dealing with the practical application in day-to-day life of the highest spiritual laws.

First, about tithing. The reason we tithe is as a demonstration. By tithing we systematically demonstrate the truth which we hold about money, just as our whole life is a demonstration of our truths about everything. The only people who tithe, who routinely give money away to others, are people who are very clear that there is more where that came from. Out of this clarity arises the demonstration, and out of this demonstration arises the precise experience of that about which one is clear.

Of course, we are right back to that age old question: which comes first, the chicken or the egg? In the case of the universal laws, or what I call the metaphysical principles, the question is answerable. Demonstration always precedes experience. That is, you will experience what you demonstrate.

This is why I say, "That which you wish for yourself, give away to another." But there is a trap here. If you are doing something in order to produce a result (for instance, tithing in order to bring more money into your life), then you will not produce the result, and you may as well give it up before you start.

The reason this is so is that your very reason for undertaking the demonstration says a lie about you: namely, that you do not have all that you wish right now, and need or want more. That underlying truth, what CwG, Book 1 calls your "sponsoring thought," is what produces your reality. So no matter how much you give, you will experience not having "enough" and "wanting more."

On the other hand, If you are doing something as a demonstration that the result has already been produced (for instance, tithing ten percent of your income each week out of your deep sense of knowing that there is always enough for you to share, that there is "more where that came from"), then you will have larger and larger experiences of this truth.

Remember, you are not producing the truth, you are recognizing it. Do you see? Do you get It?

There is no "rule" in the universe about the level at which one must demonstrate In order to experience a universal truth. So your question about the amount of your financial contributions back to the universe has no answer. In my own life, I just give wherever and whenever it feels comfortable and true to myself to do so. I do not give in order to produce "plenty." I give out of simply noticing that plenty has already been produced.

Rules, such as the strict injunctive to give away ten percent of your worldly goods, are for those who need rules in order to implement basic truths and to live within the paradigm of basic understandings, such as the understanding of plenty. They provide a discipline. They offer a guideline. Masters are their own discipline. Masters create their own guidelines.

So, what that means, Brenda, is that you can give what you choose to give of your abundance. If you want to stay with a strict hard and fast ten percent, I would include everything you give to support the good of another in that figure, including the contribution to Habitat for Humanity. Here's how I did it some years ago. I set up a rough "division of the goodies." To my home church: three percent of my income each week; to the Children's Miracle Network (which I want to support), two percent each week; to the local medical assistance program for the indigent, two percent each week; to a special fund for family and friends when they need help, two percent each week; to set-aside for last minute choices and decisions (like Habitat for Humanity). One percent each week. Voila! There's your ten percent!

The answer to the second part of your question (where you ask about "vagueness") is again just about the same. Some teachers say, "don't limit God by being too specific." Some teachers say, "Be specific about what you choose!" I understand your frustration. So what I say here will be a great relief. It doesn't matter.

Look, Brenda, it's not as if God will accept your request only if it is made under certain guidelines, you know? That gets right back to ancient religions which teach that there is only one way to God, and all the rest of us are going to hell. Not so. Big lie. Same with this.

Even before you ask, God knows what you desire. You want to visualize something general, like "the right and perfect car?" Go ahead. You want to get specific? That's okay, too. Visualize a big red car with black interior. See the dashboard design in your mind's eye. Call out the model number, if you choose. Yet here's the trick: here's the secret. As soon as you "put it out there" in the universe, let it go. That is to say, detach yourself from results. CwG, Book 1 teaches that enlightenment is not about dropping all desires, escaping all passion, eschewing all choices. It is about retaining your passion for the thing. It actually encourages you to do so, for passion, the book says, is the beginning of creation; but it also instructs us to avoid being addicted to any particular outcome. Call forth what you choose, CwG says, and then accept what the universe supplies, with gratitude and with love, knowing that it is all perfect.

And try to get clear on this, too, Brenda: there is nothing that is best for you. "Best for you" is a relative term, dependent on a great many factors, not all of which may be consciously known to you. Therefore, a master never tries to figure out what is "best" for her. A master simply knows that what is "best" is that which now is.

Many blessings,

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CWG on Relationships

August 9-11, 2019

A 3-day exploration of the most meaningful aspect of every life
with CWG messenger Neale Donald Walsch

"There is no more important aspect of anyone's life than the human interaction we call 'relationship.' Without an important relationship with something or someone, we are nothing." This statement comes directly out of the Conversations with God dialogue. It is only through our relationship with those we love — including, hopefully, ourselves — that we can express and experience the wondrous joy of life.

Neale Donald Walsch is once again presenting a full-scale spiritual renewal retreat focused specifically on the subject of relationship. He is doing so again now, in response to the many requests he has received from CWG readers to share his understanding of how the messages of these extraordinary dialogues may be effectively applied to what can be for many among the most challenging experiences in life: their relationships with their Significant Other, with their children and other family members, and even with their bosses or colleagues at work.

Neale will work in a direct and very personal way to help members of the group deal in a new way with whatever frustrations or circumstances that may now be facing them — as well as to create the relationship of which every person dreams, and how to transform a present relationship into a joyous, fulfilling, and rewarding experience. You're invited to join us for three days and evenings that could alter your experience of relationship forever for the better.

DATES: Friday, August 9th through Sunday, August 11th, 2019.

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Please click on one of the following options to select your price:

This Flex-Price Plan is our response to the economic conditions that have affected many people around the world. We know that everyone will be fair in determining what payment is appropriate for them. Please keep in mind that your personal travel, food and lodging expenses must be paid by you.

We can offer these flex-pricing options for our programs, but we cannot, of course, ask airlines, hotels, and restaurants to offer you their services for greatly reduced prices, or for free.

SCHOLARSHIPS: By instituting the Flex-Pricing Options we have eliminated the need to offer partial scholarships, because a person can now self select an appropriate price option that is a fraction of the full ticket value. For those who feel they still require a "full ride" scholarship, we have instituted a special wait list to our Annual No Fee retreat. Those who sign up for this wait list will receive the No Fee Retreat announcement email 24 hours before the general public, thus giving this wait list a chance to register before this fast-filling retreat hits capacity (which it typically does in 24-36 hours). You can join that wait list HERE.

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PROGRAM AGENDA: Times are approximate. This is a rough schedule and subject to change.

PLEASE NOTE: We gently ask that persons attending this retreat plan to attend every session from beginning to end, leaving the room only during regular break and meal times.  Persons who miss an entire session of the retreat will miss so much of its content that it will be extremely difficult to reenter the program beneficially.  Therefore, if your health circumstance makes it not possible for you to be in the room for three-hour sessions, this retreat may be too rigorous for you.

9:00am: Onsite event check-in at the hotel

10am - 12:30pm: Morning session with Neale

12:30pm - 2:00pm: Lunch break

2:00pm - 5:30pm: Afternoon session with Neale

5:30pm - 7:00pm: Dinner break

7:00pm - 10:00pm: Evening session with Neale

9am - 12:30pm: Morning session with Neale

12:30pm - 2:00pm: Lunch break

2:00pm - 5:30pm: Afternoon session with Neale

5:30pm - 7:00pm: Dinner break

7:00pm - 10:00: pm Evening session with Neale

9am - 12:30pm: Morning session with Neale

12:30pm - 2pm: Lunch break

2pm - 5pm: Final session and conclusion to this marvelous event

For more program information, contact Will Richardson at
 1-352-442-2244 (in Oregon, USA Pacific Time) or

CANCELLATION POLICY: Payment is required in full at time of registration. A cancellation fee of 35% of the amount you choose in the Flex-Plan will be charged for cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the event start date. NO REFUND CAN BE ISSUED if you cancel LESS THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT START DATE, as we will have held a place for you, and it will be in most cases too late for others to book your space. We know that you understand.




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Is the human race being offered help by Highly Evolved Beings from Another Dimension?

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He was told that the answer to both questions is yes.

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