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Bulletin #815


August 17, 2018

More About Change... Pt. 3

A Note from Neale...

My dear friends...

We have been talking here last two weeks about the life experience of Change. I have been saying in this space that all change is change for the better. There is no such thing as change for the worse. While this is difficult to embrace for many people, it is soundly based in the principles of life.

Conversations with God tells us that life is eternally Functional, Adaptable, and Sustainable. These are the Basic Principles of Life, and they cannot be violated or rendered in any way inoperable, or Life would cease to be.

All of this becomes much easier for people to comprehend with my simple substitution of the word God for the word Life. Suddenly, everything is made clear. God is eternally Functional, Adaptable, and Sustainable. These are the Basic Principles of God, and they cannot be violated or rendered in any way inoperable, or God would cease to be.

When human beings embrace the extraordinary idea presented here, the process of change will be seen for what it is: the ultimate expression of Divinity Itself, sustaining Itself through adaptations that render Itself eternally magnificent.

Change is an announcement of Life's intention to go on. Change is the fundamental impulse of Life Itself.

Again I want to tell you that I don't think that a lot of people see it this way. If they saw it this way they would heed the injunction of Christ, and "be not afraid." Yet "ye of little faith" are afraid. Thus it was that Franklin Roosevelt was moved to say, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."

I'm going to take that one step further. I'm going to say...

We have nothing to change, but Change Itself. That is, we have only to change our ideas of what change is, and why it occurs, and we will have mastered the central experience of life.

We should all be aware that change does not occur in a vacuum. Change does not take place in the universe for no reason. Change is not a random act. Change is an announcement that something is not working.

The changes that have occurred in your life have happened because disharmony was present. When disharmony is present, life becomes dysfunctional-and that condition violates the first of the Basic Principles of Life (Life is Functional, Adaptable, and Sustainable) and invokes the second. you might say….

"If all things happen for the better...I mean, if that is really true...then someone needs to tell me what in blazes God has in mind, because things sure don't look any better to me!"

And this leads us to a change that I have been encouraging people to make about change itself. I have been saying to people..."Change your idea about why change occurs."

And that's what we're going to take a look at next week.

The wonderful information I am sharing with you here comes out of the insight in When Everything Changes, Change Everything — a book than can truly "change" your life.

See you then! and hugs,

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Through the years the Weekly Bulletin and its articles written by Neale Donald Walsch have become a favorite in the email boxes of thousands of readers around the world. We are pleased to present in this space, in addition to Neale's newest articles, occasional selections from the very best of his past writings for this publication. We do not wish our scores of readers to miss any of these commentaries, showing us the way to apply CWG in our daily lives. Whether a new presentation or an encore printing, we trust that you will receive much value from these writings from the man who brought us Conversations with God.

Letters to Neale:

What is the difference between emotions and feelings?

Reader question:

Dear Neale,

I'd like to begin a dialogue about some aspects of
CwG, Book 1 that resonated with me. There's so much, of course, and I'm only a few pages into the book. Yes, I actually went back to the beginning and started with the first page after doing my open-it-anywhere-to see-how-I-connect test. Every page contains a number of gems that each could be the subject of a lengthy dialogue.

What jumps out at me now is the subject of "feelings" and how they are so much more an accurate communicator of truth than is the spoken word. As a society, of course, we've been taught to second-guess or, worse, deny our feelings. The paradigm by which we've run our lives and our organizations has (to date) validated left-brain, linear, if-I-can't-see/touch/taste/hear/smell-it-it-must-not-be-real thinking and invalidated "touchy-feely," "soft," intuitive stuff.

Which is why white males over 45 still run the majority of businesses in this country. But that is slowly changing. I do believe that feminine principles will become more generally accepted in business, soon. Of course, this has been my wish for some time, so it's hard for me to be objective about this.

I agree with the book/God. (Sounds sort of silly to be saying that.) My question of you/source/God: Some people distinguish between emotions and feelings while others use the terms interchangeably. What's your perspective? What's the difference?

Carol M


Neale Responds:

Dear Carol,

You've asked a key question. Nice going! I had the same question when the CwG material first came through. I'm now clear on the difference.

As I understand it, feelings are what we feel, and emotion is what can happen in and with our bodies as a result of what we feel. Example: You feel fear and the emotion called "scared" sears through your body. Your stomach may tie up in knots. You may start to tremble. You may even do something stupid.

Emotion seems to be a shorthand for "energy in motion" — that is, stuff we do with our bodies. Often we "display our emotions." That is, the body does stuff (we jump for joy!) that telegraphs to the world what we are feeling. There's a very soft difference here, I know. To me, it seems that an "emotion" is what our mind does (and then tells the body to do) about what we feel. We "feel" a thing, and then get "all emotional." That is, full of energy in motion. Feelings are always true.

Emotions can sometimes be false.

Want an example? Try this: Crying is often an emotional response to the feeling of loss. It is also often an emotional response to the feeling of great relief. Or enormous and sudden joy. Now a person standing across the street, watching a person cry, has no idea what's going on. He knows not what the person is feeling, only that the person is being very emotional about it. Feelings are our deepest truth. Emotions are the mental and physical manifestations of feelings after the mind gets through with its endless (and rapid) analysis of them.

The mind doesn't know a darn thing about feelings. Only the heart does. The mind thinks it knows, of course, and so comes up with all sorts of responses. Some of them are actually in accordance with our true feelings. Some are not.

At moments of great decision and choice in our lives, we have to therefore go deep inside and look at our true feelings about a thing. Therein is our truth, not in our emotions.


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