CwG Quotes "For love chooses naught for itself, but only seeks to make possible the choices of the beloved other. "

- Conversations With God Book 3





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If you see a future event or experience you do not like, don't choose it! Choose again! Select another! Change or alter your behavior so as to avoid the undesired outcome.

- Book Two p 63




Bulletin #811


July 20, 2018


A Note from Neale...

My Dear Friends...

I've decided that I have to stop confusing the simple act of observation with negativity.

Some people, in an effort to not "put any negative energy into the space,” refuse to say anything about anybody or anything that could be construed as being negative in any way. And if anyone else says anything about any person, place, or thing that is not wholly positive, many people will criticize the speaker for "spreading negative energy."

Soon, a certain dogmatism springs up around all this, and suddenly it becomes unacceptable in some "new age" circles to do anything but smile 16 hours a day and say nothing but positive things about everything. In these circles, when someone offers the least little comment, prediction, or description that is less than totally positive, someone else is sure to say, "Are you wanting to create that?" or "Why are you creating that?"

(Example: "Gosh, I have a real headache this morning." "Well, why are you creating that?")

After a while, people feel so hogtied, they feel so straight-jacketed, that they're afraid to say anything about anything unless they can glow from head to toe with positivity.

I call this a New Age Bypass. It's psychic surgery, on the psyche itself. It can also turn into a game of "make-crazy," where people can't even objectively describe something they're seeing right in front of their face without running the risk of being labeled a "downer," or a "negative thinker."

("The stock market certainly had a bad day." "Well, aren't you the downer...")

Yet an Observation is not a Judgment, and a Description is not a Condemnation. We would benefit a great deal from noticing the difference.

It is perfectly okay to say "The rain is coming" when, in fact, you can smell it in the air. I remember a day a few years ago where I was at a huge picnic, with about 40 or 50 people attending, when one of the guests happened to say, "Looks like it's going to rain." His wife nearly had a conniption fit. "Don't SAY that!" she snapped. "Are you trying to MAKE it rain?"

Now I understand perfectly well that we create our own reality, and I have read all the messages of Conversations with God and virtually every other New Spirituality text that is out there that says we do so with the triplet tools of thought, word, and deed. I know all about the As-You-Speak-It, So-Shall-It-Be school of thought on this subject. I belong to that school. But does that mean that we cannot even offer a simple observation, bereft of any judgment or announcement of preference, about what we are experiencing in our lives?

Of course not. Saying "oh-oh, it looks like rain" does not mean that you are at cause — and thus, at fault — when the rains come. It simply means that you are observing what is going on around you. It means that you are aware. And awareness is one of the greatest attributes that any person could develop.

The message here is: do not substitute passivity for discernment; do not — in the name of "positivity" — insert total blindness where once there was keen observation. Covering your ears does not make the wind howl any less, and putting your head in the sand does not make danger disappear.

The ability to observe the environment around us, the ability to discern one thing from another, is what comes with evolving to a higher level of consciousness. Observation is the act of seeing something; it is the simple act of witnessing without assessing. Discernment is the act of differentiation; it is the simple act of telling one thing from another.

Observation is a statement that says "what's so." Judgment is a statement that says "so what"? As sentient beings, humans have a desire to notice what is going on around them. Indeed, they have a responsibility to do so.

When you consciously and deliberately stop noticing something because you "don't want to put negative energy into the space," you forfeit your most precious gift as a creative being: the gift of deciding. You cannot decide what you want, you cannot consciously choose your own future, if you are refusing to look at what is true so far.

I'm going to keep on working to remove judgment and condemnation from my experience, but I shall never remove observation and discernment. The teaching is, "Judge not, and neither condemn," it is not, "Observe not, and neither discern."

Love & Hugs,

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Letters to Neale:

No punishment or retribution?

Reader question:

Hi, Mr. Walsch,

I have read and been taught by metaphysical teachers that Karma plays a large part in the life we choose and the physical body we have chosen to live and experience our lessons through. Sometimes people are born blind or without limbs or other disfigurements because of some act they have done in the past to others to cause them to be blinded or lose limbs etc.

God says people act and do the things they do based on their view of their world, so is there no right or wrong with regard to actions? How can it only be a case of what works and what doesn't? Is there no payment for such actions?

What about Hitler or other leaders who have done incredibly cruel and inhumane things to their fellow human beings? Or people who batter other people, or murder wives and children? Do they just pass from their bodies, join the All that is, and that's it???

It sounds as though no one does anything wrong, given their view of the world.   How does it all even out? Can anyone do anything to anybody else without some form of 'punishment' or retribution?  

And I use those words because I can't think of any other words right now. I probably should pose the question as: can anyone do anything to anyone without some form of lessons in life to be learned?  I thank you for taking the time to read my letter to you and am looking forward to a response.

With love and light,



Neale Responds:

Dear Rachel,

You have asked a number of very important questions. They are important because one's whole theology rests on the answers.

Rachel, one either believes in a damning, condemning, punishing God, or one doesn't.

I do not.

I do not believe in that kind of God because God himself told me that these ideas are false. She said that they are among the Ten Illusions of Humans. These illusions are discussed with very wonderful clarity in Communion with God, a book that I highly recommend that you read.

Two of the Ten Illusions of Humans are:

1. Judgment exists.

2. Condemnation exists.

These ideas are man-made. No such constructions exist in the mind of God. That is because these ideas about God arise out of a basic misunderstanding found in an earlier idea about God, which is that God is separate from us.   (Disunity exists.)

If God was not separate from us, God could not judge us because, of course, God would be judging herself. If God was not separate from us, God could not condemn us, because, again, God would be condemning himself.

Even if God were separate from us, God would have no reason to punish us unless there was something specific that God demanded that we do or not do. This, too, is an illusion. (Requirement exists.)

The last illusion is based on an even earlier idea that the reason God has placed requirements on us is that God needs something from us in order to be happy. (Need exists.)

Nothing could be further from the truth. God requires nothing of us. For more on this concept, you may find it wonderful to re-read The New Revelations. This is one of the most important books in the entire With God series, in my view. It should be read by everyone. And you may wish to read it again, because it makes it very clear that God needs nothing from humanity. A "needy" God is just not part of the Cosmic Reality.

I realize that it is difficult for many people to embrace the idea of a God who needs nothing from us and wants nothing from us, but that is because they insist on seeing God as a separate being having human qualities. A being not only separate from us, but also a being who can actually experience being unhappy, and who becomes unhappy if he doesn't get what he wants.

Such a God is not a God at all, but a mere tiny and limited version of the Creator of the Universe and the Source of All Life. If that is the limit of our imagination about God, I would say that we have a long way to go before we can claim to truly understand who and what God is.

You ask, Rachel, about karma. Yes, God has spoken of karma in the CwG series of books. God says that karma, as we classically understand it, does not exist. That is, there is no place in God's kingdom with a system of Reward and Punishment that plays out its effects as Conditions of our Life from one lifetime to the next.

What there IS is a system called, in human terms, the Cosmic Wheel. This is a simple name given to the Process of Life itself. It is meant to indicate that all of Life is a cycle, or a wheel, on which we find and place ourselves. The purpose of going "round and round" on the wheel is to experience and re-experience the entire Life cycle, thus to know and create again and again Who You Really Are. For there is no greater joy and no greater glory and no greater wonder, and thus, no greater pleasure for God.

Life is God's great pleasure.

You have spoken of the cruel actions people take in life, and have asked, "How can it only be a case of what works and what doesn't? Is there no payment for such actions? What about Hitler or other leaders who have done incredibly cruel and inhumane things to their fellow human beings? Or people who batter other people, or murder wives and children? Do they just pass from their bodies, join the All that is, and that's it???"

CwG says that Hitler went to heaven. This does not mean that the soul of Hitler did not experience the consequence of Hitler's actions. It does mean that those consequences, once experienced, produce growth, not eternal punishment — and growth is the highest outcome of Life itself. It is, in short, heaven.

There is no punishment in God's kingdom, but there are consequences. That is, things that happen as a result of other things. But this system is not a process of "pay back" of "karmic debt." It is simply the way the process of Life Itself works. Outcomes are the result of out puts.

Rachel, you have asked, "Can anyone do anything to anyone without some form of lessons in life to be learned?" CwG indicates that in life, there is nothing to be learned. There is only a process of remembering. It is through remembering that we reclaim, and become once again, Who We Really Are.

At the moment of our death, we experience what Eastern mystics call kama loca. This is a movement of the soul through every moment of the life just lived, but from the viewpoint of every person who was impacted or affected by that soul's choices and decisions and actions. In other words, we have the opportunity to experience how other people experienced us.

From this will come enormous growth. And growth is both the purpose and the process of Life.

With love,

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