CwG Quotes "Guilt is a blight upon the land - the poison that kills the plant. You will not grow through guilt, but only shrivel and die. "

- Conversations With God Book 3





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If you see a future event or experience you do not like, don't choose it! Choose again! Select another! Change or alter your behavior so as to avoid the undesired outcome.

- Book Two p 63




Bulletin #808


June 29, 2018

Let's Be Friends (Part 4)

A Note from Neale...

My Dear Friends...

From last week:

Guilt and regret are not the same thing. If you feel into them, you'll know the difference. I will never give up 'regretting' some of the things I've done. To do so would be to give up my humanity. But I have given up my guilt. If nothing else, I am "not guilty by reason of insanity." It was insane of me to think that I could find happiness doing what I was doing the way I was doing it!

With guilt gone, I felt better about myself—I was almost a person I really could have a friendship with. But I still had two more steps to go before I could complete that process...

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Part 4: Being friends with your spouse, with your children, with those you dearly love, truly does begin with being friends with yourself. The process for others is the same as the process is for me. It is, as I said, a three-part process...Forgiveness, Acceptance, Celebration.

Once I had found a way to forgive myself (God showed me the way by showing me the way that God forgives me), I then simply needed to move into a place of acceptance of myself; of who I was and how I was.

This does not mean that I made an inner assessment that it was impossible for me to change. "Acceptance" should not be confused with "resignation." Indeed, the ability to accept myself opened me up for the first time to changing myself.

Prior to accepting who and how I am, I resisted change mightily, because I firmly rejected the notion that I even needed to change. Like an alcoholic or a drug addict, I refused to acknowledge that I "had a problem." There was nothing 'wrong' with me, it was everybody else who had the problem.

So when others told me that I was routinely—not occasionally, but routinely—sarcastic, I told myself it was they who had the problem. They were thin-skinned, or too sensitive, or just not able to deal with the normal give-and-take of honest people being authentically themselves.

When others told me I was routinely—not occasionally, but routinely—demanding, often expecting way too much of others, and far too often talking down to people, disrespecting them, I told myself that it was they who had the problem. They were underachievers, not operating at my level, unable to cope with the requirements of Movers and Shakers—in which group I clearly had a charter membership.

When others told me that I was routinely—not occasionally, but routinely—self-centered and self-involved, I told myself it was they who had the problem. They were not equipped to deal with people as talented and gifted as I, and they had to simply understand that I was to be expected to be concerned with and focused on myself to some degree, because I was the one who was going to "make it all happen," I was the person on whom the whole game was riding, I was the star of the show, and so I could be forgiven for giving in to all that pressure by paying attention to my ego. After all, everyone else was looking at me for the answers, the solutions, the outcomes.

When others told me that I was routinely—not occasionally, but routinely—too sensitive, making mountains out of molehills and predictably "going global" with the smallest thing, I told myself it was they who had the problem. They were clearly not tuned into Life at the level I was, they were immune to the insight and awareness by which I was daily assailed, they were among the lucky ones, fortunate enough to be unable to see and feel what I was required by my very nature to see and feel every moment.

When others told me that I was routinely—not occasionally, but routinely—defensive, and that to even slightly criticize me, much less actually oppose me on something, was to invite a war of words and then to be ostracized, I told myself it was they who had the problem. They were obviously unable to move through life with my level of overall brilliance, and not knowing how to deal with a person who almost always had the right answer, knew the right way, and did the right thing.

When others told me that I was....well, you get the picture. This list goes on, I can assure you. The litany of my imperfections is long and varied. Yet I rejected them for over a half century. And so, they kept showing up. For it is as CwG says: What you resist, persists.

It was only when I opened myself to the possibility that it was highly unlikely that 30 different people over 30 different years in 30 different kinds of relationships in 30 different places and situations would come up with the same impressions of me did I see that maybe the problem wasn't "over there," but maybe it was "over here," right in my own backyard.

Then the real work began, because then I had to find a way to continue to love myself in the face of continuing and now incontrovertible evidence that I had some "stuff going on" over here.

I remember once when someone said to me, in the midst of one of my tirades: "You know, this is not the most attractive part of you." I never forgot that. It was said so cleanly, so simply, without a whole lot of make-wrong or negative energy. It was just a clean, simple observation. And I got it.

Then I had to move into a place of Acceptance. I had a long talk with myself—and with God. And God made it clear to me that I was okay—nay, that I was perfect—just the way I was. Yet that did not mean that there was no room for change. If I wanted to change, if I chose to go to the next level, if I desired to recreate myself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever I held about who I am, I was invited by Life at every moment to do that.

But I was told that I could not change, could never alter, what I could not accept. I can't let go of something I refuse to notice I am holding. So I was given the enormous gift of self-acceptance. I was sarcastic too much of the time. I was demanding too much of the time. I was self-centered and defensive and sensitive and much more. I was difficult to deal with and I could speak with an edge that could cut to the quick and I was impatient with the slowness of others (at everything) and I...and I...and I...

Yup, I was all of these things. And when I finally accepted it, I got out of denial once and for all. But the way out of denial was not by embracing these characteristics as faults. It was by seeing them as my strengths, simply with volume turned up a bit too high now and then.

With the volume at a more comfortable level, my sarcasm was my quick wit, for which people loved me; my demanding nature was my ability to inspire others to outperform, for which people loved me; my self-centeredness was my self-awareness, for which people loved me; my defensiveness was my strength of conviction, for which people loved me; my sensitivity was my openness to all of life at a hundred different levels simultaneously, for which people loved me.

These were my gifts, not my faults, and my only challenge was to rein in their considerable energy, so that I could match it with the energy of the Moment Presenting. Then I would be in closer harmony with what was going on Right Here, Right Now, and people would see me as magnificent, not malevolent.

Wow! What a simple, transformative understanding! Whew. It was over. My long struggle with me was over. On the day I "got" that God accepted me, on that day I could accept me as well. I remember well the statement that opened me to this experience: If you saw you as God sees you, you would be very proud, and you would smile a lot.

NEXT WEEK: Part 5 - Celebration

Love & Hugs,

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Letters to Neale:

CwG for Teens?

Reader question:

Dear Neale,

How do I help my troubled teen niece spiritually? We have a major crisis involving her in a possible bad cult????? I am a devout reader of yours and I love everything that you write and I have a knowing in my heart and soul of the truth you write of. I want to use that to show her how to find herself again. It is in all of us, and I need more guidance. Medical care hasn't worked. It's her soul. Please help. Thank you.  



Neale Responds

Dear Dawn...Thank you for writing to me. Your teenage niece is going through a very typical process for persons her age: the struggle for individual identity. Ironically, many young people fight to gain an individual identity by joining a GROUP. This is because the group gives them an identity other than the identity they've been carrying around for years from their family of origin—which they recognize not as THEIR identity, but as an identity which has been, in a sense, forced upon them. Young people will do anything to throw off this identity (even if they wind up trying to find it again and picking it up again when they turn 30!). 

Joining a group that is as far away, in terms of its beliefs, from the young person's family of origin is one of the fastest ways of achieving, actually, two aims: (1) create a new identity; and (2) still have a "family." In this case, the group substitutes for the family, playing the same role in the life of the young person by giving that person a sense of belonging, a sense that others are around who care, and a sense of not being alone in the world.

Nobody wants to be alone in the world. Young people do, however, want to "get away from" the identity that has been given to them (whether they wanted it or not) from birth. This is right and good, for every person must ultimately find themselves, and even if they return to their childhood family's identity, they will do so by choice, not by chance, and that will make all the difference.

So the first thing that you can do to help your niece through this difficult period is to understand exactly what is going on here. This is a period that she must go through if she is to grow into a fully self-empowered person. So whatever you do, I would advise you and others who are around her not to make her "wrong" for what she is doing or how she is acting. Rather, encourage her. That's right, encourage her. Invite her to look deeply, very deeply, at what she is doing, and why. Invite her to keep asking two questions: Is this who I am? And...Is this the highest and best I can be?

Then, invite her to ask two more questions. Tell her, these are the key questions of life. There will never be two more important questions. Here they are:

Where am I going?

Who is going with me?

NOW...Dawn...and this is terribly important...tell your niece, "Sweetheart, these two questions I have just given you must NEVER BE ASKED IN INVERTED ORDER. You must always ask and answer the first question first. If you change the order of the questions and ask the second question first, you will wind up going where you go in your life because of the company you keep, rather than keeping the company that you keep because of where you are going.

This is not a small matter. People who decide on companions first, before they decide on direction, often never choose a real direction for themselves, or, if they do, they often never get to follow their inner direction and their inner dreams because the people with whom they are traveling through life do not create the space for that to happen.

So invite your niece to ask herself these questions, Dawn. And, of course, do all that you can to assist her on a spiritual level. Send her good energies every day. Include her in your prayers and meditations. You might even write her a short note, or send her a card, with encouraging and accepting thoughts..."You are special," "You are extraordinary..." etc.

Finally, you may find it a wonderful idea to tell your niece about Conversations with God for TEENS, the CwG book for younger people. This text includes questions and answers directly related to the daily life of teenagers. You can order it through this link.

I wish you well, Dawn, and thank you again for writing.


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Is the human race being offered help by Highly Evolved Beings from Another Dimension?

Is there a key role that humans are being invited to play in advancing their own evolution by joining in a mutual mission to assist the planet during the critical times ahead?

He was told that the answer to both questions is yes.

Then he was given 16 specific examples of how Highly Evolved Beings respond to life differently than humans do―and how adopting even a few of those behaviors could change the course of world history for the better forever.

That information makes up the body of this work. 

A striking invitation to every reader sets the stage for the extraordinary explorations that follow. Picking up where Book 3 in the Conversations with God Trilogy series left off, the revelations about Highly Evolved Beings and about how ordinary humans can answer the call to help awaken the species on Earth will breathtakingly expand your view of both your personal and your collective future.

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