CwG Quotes "Cause another to remember. That which you wish for yourself, give to another. . . what I give to another I give myself. "

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Your whole life is a message, did you know that? Every act is an act of self-definition. Every thought is a film on the movie screen of your mind. Every word is voice mail for God. Everything you think, say, and do sends a message about you

- Friendship with God p 252




Bulletin #784


January 12, 2018

Life is a system!

A Note from Neale...

My dear friends...

It's interesting to be me. I've just decided that. It's just plain interesting to be me. You know why? I wake up many mornings with the weirdest things in my head.

This morning, for instance, at 4:20 in the morning I could not sleep another wink. My mind was racing, filled to overflowing with thoughts. They were thoughts about life and the nature of Ultimate Reality. At last, I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to open my laptop and start getting them out. I had to.

And you, I'm afraid, are going to have to suffer for it...

So here we go.

* * * * * * * * *

AND THE VOICE SAID: Today I shall tell you everything there is to know about Life. (Or, at least, everything that you'll be able to understand Right Now.)


We live within a System. We are this System. This System is run by a Process. We are this Process. This Process is fueled by Energy. We are this Energy.

There is nothing else going on.

There are one or two words that can be (and have been variously) used to describe this whole Cosmology. The word Life comes to mind. Then, as we elevate our thinking (which humans are prone to do), the word God. Both words refer to the Same Thing.

You could say, with accuracy, "God is Energy." Or, "God is a Process." Or, "God is a System." You could say, with accuracy, "Life is Energy." Or, "Life is a Process." Or, "Life is a System."

Conversations with God says: God is a Process, and that Process is Life Itself. This statement is accurate.

So let's explore this Process that God Is and that We Are.

It is a Process of Energy Exchange.

Energy — which is the Pure Essence of All That Is, All That Ever Was, and All That Ever Shall Be — is constantly being Exchanged. With what? With Itself. It never reaches outside of Itself. It could not if It wanted to, because nothing outside of Itself exists. That is, this Pure Essence is the All In All. It is the Sum Total of Everything. It is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Before and the After, the Up and the Down of It, the Left and the Right of It, the Here and the There of It, the Now and the Then. It is the Sum and the Substance, the Creator and the Created, the Unified and the Individuated, It is the Unmoved Mover,

This Energy exchanges Itself with Itself in a never-ending Process that has built into it a Self-Sustaining Design, or a System. The Process is not helter-skelter. It is not catch-as-catch-can. The Process knows what It is doing and It is doing it deliberately.

There is a Synergism to this Process, and it is that Synergism which renders the process eternally sustainable. Within this Process nothing is wasted. Nothing is lost. Nothing goes unused. Everything is fuel. And the fuel is reburnable.

I call the reburning of Life's Fuel Synergistic Energy eXchange — or S.E.X.

We are having SEX everywhere, all the time. No two people ever meet without exchanging this Energy. Trust me. The question is never, Are we exchanging this Energy? The question is, What are we going to do with it...?

In human terms we call this Synergistic Energy eXchange the Cycle of Life. Indeed, it is the energy exchange which creates Life Itself. Our description is accurate.

In truth, it is impossible to create what we call New Life. All we can really do is cause the Life (Energy) that is eternally present to emerge in a New Form. This is exactly what Stars do in the heavens.

The evidence of all that I have just said is right up in the sky. (We know this, of course. That is why we intuitively look "to the heavens" when we think of "God." That is why our eyes instinctively turn upward when we are thinking deeply, or desperately seeking help. Do you think this is an accident? It is not. At a cellular level, we know.)

In our case, in the case of this particular Solar System, we are looking at what we have called The Sun. (It is not a happenstance that earlier civilizations worshipped the Sun — and that some people still do today.)

The Sun is giving up its Life for us. It is burning Itself out, right now. True, it may take a few more billion years, but that is What It Is Doing. Make no mistake about it. That is what is going on.

One day the Light Will Go Out. Not to worry, though. Life in its minuscule expression known as Humanity will by that time have figured this whole thing out and will have been Long Gone. We will have found a way to harness the very energy that the Sun is sending us to get out of the Sun's way when it finally implodes in its last burst of energy, then becoming a Black Hole.

We will long before then have used that energy to propel ourselves to a New Star System, where a much younger Sun, perhaps one Just Born, will guarantee our species a few more billion years of survival in pretty much our present form. And when that Sun approaches Final Burst, we will move on again, like nomads of the Universe, like gypsies of the stars, like humans have done on this very earth, traipsing around for food (read that: energy) when the local supply runs out.

What do you suppose we are eating here...? We are eating sunlight. That is what all food is. Nothing more than stored sunlight. It is not only plants that engage in the Process of photosynthesis, but all of us, everything. The Earth Itself does. We are absorbing energy from the Sun, and radiating it back out again. This is how flowers bloom. This is how trees grow. This is how planets become.

There is a huge boiler inside our planet, lying at its core. Sometimes a tiny bit of this core material oozes out, cooling considerably on its way, but still emerging as white hot molten lava. This core material is hotter than hot. It is the direct energy of the Sun, cooled at its fringes as it spewed forth to form the crust of what we now call The Earth.

As it cooled, some of this Energy liquified. We call this oil (among other things). Some of this Energy solidified. We call this minerals (among other things). Some of this Energy gasified. We call this hydrogen and oxygen (among other things). Some of this Energy vaporized. We call this ozone (among other things). Some of this Energy miniaturized and stored Itself in just about Everything. We call this vitamins (among other things). Some of this Energy maximized and showed Itself in just about Everything. We call this the Planet Itself (among other things).

We are this Energy, individualized. We are part of this eternal Process of Energy Exchange. In a sense, we eat ourselves in order to sustain ourselves. We are all the same thing at our basis, so no matter what we eat, we are eating ourselves. We need vitamins, so we eat plants and animals, and minerals and oils (fish oil capsules are very big these days). We draw the line at consuming ourselves — but cannibals once even did this, being so primitive as to not understand that eating one's own species was not self-sustaining. When primitive humans finally figured this out, we took Each Other off the menu. Now we are gradually taking other Life Forms off the menu as well. Vegetarianism is, of course, the outflow of that. The day may very well come when we take every Life Form on this planet off the menu. We will simply get our Energy directly from the Sun.

This may seem far-fetched to some, but it does not seem so to Hira Ratan Manek. You will find it interesting to Google Mr. Manek, and read what you find there.

The eyes are not merely the instruments through which we see. They are the instruments through which we intake Energy. They work in that capacity even if we are blind. They are the portals through which Life is Absorbed. They are not the only portals, not the only way we absorb Life Energy. But they are the Most Direct Route. Which is why Hira Ratan Manek insists that if we just look at the sun a few minutes each day, we can get most of what we are eating things to get. And we can get it faster. Because when we eat things — when we consume plants and trees and minerals and animals — we have to first convert these substances to extract the Sun Energy that is stored there.

By sun gazing, Mr. Manek suggests, we absorb sunlight directly, without having to convert it through any internal (and energy using) digestive process.

(A word of caution however: most Sun Gazers say to look at the Sun only during the few moments around Sunrise and Sunset, to protect the eyes from permanent after-image and other possible retina against eye damage. And note: I am not here, in any way, suggesting or endorsing the process of Sun Gazing. I am merely reporting on it)

Having said that, we all know already of the benefits of sunlight. When we feel sick, it is common for those around us to say, "C'mon, you need to get out in the sun." And sunlight deprivation is now being recognized as a dis-eased condition, which medical science and modern technology has found a way to treat. SAD (or Seasonal Affective Disorder) is now treated with Full Sectrum Lighting, among other things, to give people what they are missing from not getting enough sun.

Do we really think it is a coincidence that many sunbathers are inordinately healthy? Go to any nudist colony expecting (hoping?) to see lots of nubile naked bodies running around, but don't be surprised if you see that the majority of nudists are people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s, exercising and swimming and playing volleyball and having the time of their life inside of healthy, vibrant bodies that are absorbing more Sunlight in one day than most of us do in one month.

The Process of Synergist Energy eXchange is what we call Life Itself — and what some people call God. What we take in is what we put out, so I invite you to monitor closely the type of Energy that you are absorbing into your System every day.

Life IS a System, and there is a way to go about changing your life, improving your life, systematically. Watch the energy that you put into your body, and that you send out of your body. Just watch it. Watch what you eat. Watch what you read (and, therefore, put into your Mind). Watch what you watch. What kind of television? What kind of movies? In other words, watch what you ingest.

Then watch what you divest. Watch what you think, what you say, what you do. Just watch. No judgment here. Just watch.

Then watch how you feel.

This is how you are using the System.

Love and Hugs,

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Letters to Neale:

The Loss of a Pet

Reader question:

Dear Neale, I am writing this email with a very heavy heart, and am sincerely hoping you will be able to give me some comfort. On Wednesday I had to put my little dog down — he was a beautiful toy poodle, and was part of the family. He was nearly 14, a good age for a poodle, but that does not make the grieving any easier. Has God a special place for animals, Neale? He created them and loves them. God is love — love is God. Surely they have a soul — they have feelings, emotions and great intelligence. I realize how busy you are, but I pray you will find the time to send me an email. Your loving friend, Mary C.


Neale Responds

My Dear Mary....I am so very sorry to hear about your loss of your beloved little guy. I know from personal experience how big such a loss can be. I want to tell you that there is no question that pets have what we call souls. There is no question at all within me about that. The Soul is the animating energy of all of life, and is the Essential Essence of Life Itself. Your wonderful little friend is now experiencing the joy of Never Ending Life and, like human expressions, may choose to return to physicality — perhaps even in your own life — in a new form.

I am told that the reason that we form such close bonds with certain Souls (both human and animal) is that we have had such bonds before. I am instructed that over and over again, throughout the eons, we travel through Time and Space with the same set of Soul Companions on the eternal journey of Self Realization. We have Soul Companions, Soul Partners, and Soul Mates. These are three different levels of "connection" and manifest repeatedly in three identifiable ways.

You will find yourself immediately recognizing, and forming a bond with, a Soul Companion — even if it is a fleeting bond, as with a bird or a butterfly that makes its presence known to you in a very obvious and seemingly intentioned way, as well as a lasting bond, as with a dog or a cat, or even an animal in the wild. You will also find yourself strangely and inexplicably drawn to certain human beings — not in a romantic way, but in an obviously very personal way that often seems to have no basis in present-life reality, but feels very close and very comfortable nevertheless. These are your Soul Partners, and you will move through this life with them somehow playing an important role in it. I have Soul Partners who are or were particular authors, sports stars, famous political figures who I have never personally met, but with whom I nevertheless feel particularly close, and even protective. Soul Partners also show up in my life as close friends, immediate family, more distant relatives, and even strangers that, when we meet, I take into my heart at once, and for no observable or particular reason.

And then there are Soul Mates. I am living with my Soul Mate now, and it is the greatest blessing of my life, for I at last no longer feel SouLonely — which is a very specific and particular and desolate feeling that you recognize when you have it, and feel blissfully relieved of when you don't. I am in bliss now with my Soul Mate, for I feel, quite literally, found at last; seen, finally, for who I really am; and loved, totally, as exactly that.

This is a gift that only heaven can bestow.

While it is not very "romantic" in the human sense to say it, I am instructed that we may encounter more than one Soul Mate — and may actually share special moments with more than one Soul Mate — in a lifetime. This has not happened to me. I have never had a relationship with a person who felt like my complete and total Other such as I have now, but I am told and taught that even this is possible within the amazing adventure of a human lifetime.

Conversely, not every person with whom we fall in love and form a romantic partnership with may be our Soul Mate. Because a person is not your Soul Mate does not mean you cannot fall in love with them and marry them or create a life partnership with them. But if you have had more than one intimate relationship in your life, and one was with a Soul Mate and one was not, you will know the difference immediately.

The same is true with pets. You can encounter a particular animal, and grow to a feeling of real fondness for that animal, but if you ever encounter an animal who is your Soul Companion, you know it at once, and the bond you form with that animal is irresistible, inexplicable, indefinable, and unbreakable.

You have such a bond with your little and wonderful poodle, and I can tell you that not only is he happy and joyful where he is now — you will also see him again, when you, too, are home with God.

And, as I mentioned, you may be reunited with him again even before then, should he choose to physicalize once more in your life in another form. If this occurs, you will know it in the first moment of your meeting.

So nurture and embrace your sadness at his departure from your present physical life, but do not truly mourn, for he is filled with joy and wonder and happiness now, and your bond with him is eternal and everlasting. And know this, always: a beloved pet is God's Love...made visible, physical, and undeniable. That is why God created pets — to let us know what heaven is really like.

May you experience God's blessings flowing to you and through you, both now and even forevermore.

Yours in humble service.....

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