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Humanity's future depends on what humanity thinks about itself. It depends on what humanity thinks about God, and about Life. The more you know about how to destroy yourself, the more you need to know about how to save yourself. It is time now to expand your base of knowledge of God and of Life, to grow in your understandings, to increase your awareness and to enlarge your consciousness

- Tomorrow's God p 18, 21




Bulletin #721


October 28, 2016



A Note from Neale...

My dear Friends,

Life provides us all with an interesting path. But to where? we wonder. To where are we going?

Our religions and our philosophies have tried to answer that question. They have not done well. No answer seems to suffice for all of the people asking. Some people accept one answer, others accept another, and still others say there is no answer at all—that every answer anyone has come up with from the beginning of time has been nothing but pure conjecture. This last group is right, of course. There is no way to know the answer to life’s biggest question for sure. We can decide that the answer we have found (by whatever means) is “the” answer, but that doesn’t make it the answer, that merely makes it our personal conjecture.

This is, of course, the position that I have taken from the beginning regarding my conversations with God. Do I believe that I have had interactions, directly, with The Divine? I truly do. Is it my lived experience? It surely is. And I can tell you why I believe it so firmly.

One of the reasons (and by far, not the only one) is that I was told things in my conversations with God that I had never heard from any source before in my life…that I had never even thought of or imagined prior to this dialogue... but that nevertheless offered great wisdom, powerful insight, and some of the most logical and probable conclusions.  Things that, much to my surprise, other people told me later, after reading CWG, that they found in the writings and articulations of both ancient and contemporary spiritual teachers from many traditions—teachers whose works I had never read (or, often, ever heard of).

Does that mean I could not have come up with thoughts in my mind that, by sheer coincidence or happenstance, unwittingly duplicated the pronouncements of others from, in some cases, many centuries earlier? No, of course not. I could very well have done exactly that, pulling ideas and notions from the stream of the collective unconscious, or the field of morphic resonance (see Carl Jung/Rupert Sheldrake, et al). It is not my experience that I did. It is my experience that I had a simple and direct conversation with God—and that all people everywhere are having the same experience all the time, and simply calling it something else. But even the CWG dialogue itself clearly advises readers not to “believe” a word of it. Compare its message to your own experience, the dialogue says, and embrace what that process tells you is true for you.

So maybe we’re not “going” anywhere at all. Maybe this is not a “journey” in any sense of the word. Maybe life is simply and merely an experience; something we are undergoing while we are undergoing it, taking us nowhere and getting us no place. An experience without purpose or intent, meaning or reason. Something that begins without our assent, and ends in most cases seemingly equally arbitrarily.

Just. Something. That. Is. Happening.

Yet if that is all that it is, what shall be our guideline regarding how it is happening? Do we even have any control over that? If only in our individual lives, do we have even the slightest control over that? Is life happening TO us, or is it happening THROUGH us? Are we at any non-physical level at cause in the matter? Can we be?

Is there anything at all to this idea that, as people think, so will it be done unto them? And there’s a larger question lurking behind this one. Even if so-called “positive thinking” does nothing more than affect one’s mind and body chemistry in a good way, would that in itself not be enough to make the process of affirmative declaration valuable as a tool?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Love and Hugs,

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Letters to Neale:

Dear Neale...I was just re-reading Friendship with God...and one of the points in it, was 'not to have any NEEDS'. Besides it being a potent love killer—which I understand—you say, "You are all without needs. There is nothing that you need in order to be perfectly happy. You only think that there is."

Ow, what I cannot understand is, are these "needs" different from the needs of the millions of starving children in the world, the needs of the lost and forlorn people on the streets without a roof over their heads, the thousands of abused people who need to be protected? Because if this need is different from the need that you are talking about in the book, it's ok. From what I can see, there are billions of people with very specific needs to just survive the day, let alone their lives. Could you please shed some light on this? 




Neale Responds

Dear Usha...The idea that no one, in truth, has any "needs" is a very delicate point that the Conversations with God books seek to make. In the CWG book Communion with God you will find a list called The Ten Illusions of Humans. You will also see that the first of these Ten Illusions is the illusion that Need Exists. 

Let me go now directly to that book, and lift the following words right from its pages...

Need is not only the First Illusion, but the grandest. On this Illusion are all other illusions based.

Everything that you currently experience in life, everything that you feel moment to moment, is rooted in this idea, and your thought about it.

Need is non-existent in the Universe. One needs something only if one requires a particular result. The Universe does not require a particular result. The Universe IS the result.

Need is non-existent in the Mind of God. God would need something only if God required a particular result. God does not require a particular result. God is that which produces ALL results.

If God needed something to produce a result, where would God get it? There is nothing that exists outside of God. God is All That Is, All That Was, and All That Will Ever Be. There is nothing that is that is not God.

You may better grasp this if you use the word Life in place of the word God. The two words are interchangeable, so you will not alter the meaning, you will merely increase understanding.

Nothing that is, is not Life. If Life needed something to produce a result, where would Life get it? There is nothing that exists outside of Life. Life is All That Is, All That Was, and All That Will Ever Be.

God needs nothing to occur except that which is occurring.

Life needs nothing to occur except that which is occurring.

The Universe needs nothing to occur except that which is occurring.

This is the nature of things. This is How It Is, not the way you have imagined it.

In your imagination you have created the idea of Need, out of your experience that you need things in order to survive. Yet suppose that you didn't care whether you lived or died. Then what would you need?

Nothing at all.

And suppose that it was impossible for you not to live. Then what would you need?

Nothing at all.

Now here is the truth about you: it is impossible for you not to survive. You cannot fail to live. It is not a question of whether you will live, but how. That is, what form will you take? What will your experience be?

I tell you this: you need nothing to survive. Your survival is guaranteed. I gave you Everlasting Life, and I never took it away from you.

Hearing this, you may say, yes, but survival is one thing, and happiness is another. Now you may imagine that you need something in order to survive happily—that you can be happy only under certain conditions. This is not true, but you have believed it to be true. And because belief produces experience, you have experienced life in this way, and have thus imagined a God who must experience life in this way as well. Yet this is no more true for God than it is for you. The only difference is, God knows this.

When you know this, you will be as a god. You will have mastered life, and your whole reality will change.

Now here is a great secret: Happiness is not created as a result of certain conditions, certain conditions are created as a result of happiness.

That is such an important statement that it bears repeating.

Happiness is not created as a result of certain conditions, certain conditions are created as a result of happiness.

This statement holds true for every other State of Being as well.

Love is not created as a result of certain conditions, certain conditions are created as a result of love.

Compassion is not created as a result of certain conditions, certain conditions are created as a result of compassion.

Abundance is not created as a result of certain conditions, certain conditions are created as a result of abundance.

Substitute any State of Being you can imagine or devise. It will still hold true that Beingness precedes experience, and produces it.


And so we see that, yes, Usha, in the "human sense," people on earth "need" things; and no one could deny that some of them need things desperately. Yet in the spiritual sense, no one "needs" anything, because in your spiritual identity, you are without needs.

The point that CWG hopes to make is that people who live in their spiritual experience no matter what is going on in their physical environment have found a great secret of life...and truly can live in the space of abject poverty and feel very rich and very happy.

It is not an accident that for monks in certain traditions to become devotees of certain masters or gurus, they must first give up everything, seek to earn not a dime, seek neither shelter nor anything but a one-piece wrap-around for clothing, and walk from village to village asking people for the day's food, that they might continue on their journey to self-awareness. You must surely be aware of this discipline and this tradition. The CWG teaching on there being no "need" is the understanding that has produced such traditions. The bottom line point: It is possible for you to have nothing—nothing at all...not any food, not any shelter, not even any clothing...and be perfectly happy. It is possible for you to even die as a result of living in these conditions, and still be perfectly happy. When a person understands this, and understands the source of True Happiness, they then have the power to transcend their circumstances, whatever they may be, and live a life of spiritual fulfillment and physical peace and happiness.

This is, of course, the yearning and the goal of every living being.

I hope that my answer has helped you to understand the point you brought to me.

Love and hugs,

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