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You are creating it all-all of your life- right here, right now. You...YOU...are creating it. Not Me. YOU

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Bulletin #615


October 17, 2014

The World Makes No Sense to Your Mind.

A Note from Neale...


My dear friends...

Do you know how to figure out, and how NOT to figure out, your life and our world?

Do NOT try to figure it out with your Mind. The world will make no sense to your Mind. It can not.

And it is important to understand this - - - on this very day - - - because our world is facing one difficult moment, one difficult challenge, after another.

We woke up a few days ago to the news that a second person in Dallas has been diagnosed as carrying the Ebola virus. They’re now trying to get in touch with every single person that this individual has come in contact with over the past three weeks. Several of those people, in turn, could have traveled all over the United States by now.

In other words, “Houston, we have a problem.”

But that’s just the beginning of it. The stock market, a few days ago, suffered its worst loss of the year, plunging 335 points. People with their life savings in the market are pretty scared.

And then there’s what is now being called the Islamic State, apparently rampaging over the city of Kobani in northernmost Syria, just stone-throwing distance from the Turkish border.

The fear is that after capturing the city, members of the forces of the Islamic State will massacre the residents of Kobani who have not already fled the city.

None of this says anything about what could be going on in our personal lives.

So… as spiritual people who believe in God - - - what are we to think of all this?

What do we think of all this? What we think of all this will have a very real effect on how we experience all this. And, in no small degree, how all this turns out.

It “turns out” that how things “turn out” is affected to a not-insignificant degree by whether WE “turn out” in large numbers among those who are going out of their Mind.

Because that’s where our answer and our peace will be found. It won’t be found in our Mind. Life will NEVER make sense to your Mind, because the Mind has only limited data to work with.

It is the Soul - - - and ONLY the Soul - - - which has sufficient data to allow us to understand our life on Earth … including why things are happening the way they are happening … and what we can DO about it.

These days, when I speak positively about life - - - when I talk in positive tones and positive terms about our world, and about the individual experience of folks around me, people say to me: “Are you going out of your Mind?”

And I have to tell them, “Yes. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m going out of my Mind. I’m going to my Soul. I’m going to take a rest from all of my Mind’s ideas about this, and I’m going to see what my Soul has to say. I’m going to see what insights IT can bring me.”

Now, getting out of your Mind about these things does not mean you don’t think about them. It means you think about them in a new way.

Some of you might think - - - “Why is he bringing all this stuff up? I came here to get some peace … some distance from all of this.”

Yet, I’m not here to tell you how to ignore what’s going on in our lives … but rather, to tell you how to deal with it. You can’t pretend that what’s happening is not happening. That’s not the way to do it.

And you can’t say to yourself, “Okay, it IS happening, but I’m not going to pay any attention to it.”

Well, you CAN say that … but it’s not going to do you any good. The world will contrive to bring these matters to your Mind whether you want it to or not.

No, the trick is not to “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” The trick is NOT to try to turn your Mind OFF to what’s happening in life right now.

You can’t do that. you won’t be able to do that. No amount of rosy talk is going to stop the Mind from encountering it this afternoon … or tomorrow morning.

The world will still be there, even if we ignore it for 60 minutes.

So no… the trick is not to turn your Mind OFF. The trick is to turn your Mind ON.

The trick is to turn your Mind on to the TRUTH. The trick is to USE your Mind to get OUT of your Mind.

By getting out of your Mind, I don’t mean to stop thinking about what’s going on in life. I mean you start thinking about it in a new way.

You start thinking about Life in the way your SOUL thinks about Life. And you USE your Mind as the Pathway to your Soul. For it is in your SOUL that God will be found… and it is your Mind that will get you there.

To repeat: The way to be OUT of your Mind is to USE your Mind in a different way. Use your Mind as the passport to your Soul.

THINK about all that is now happening in your life within the context of your Soul. Then what ever grief you may have about Life in this moment will disappear Or, as Dr Ernest Holmes puts it: “A true relation of the immortality and continuity of the individual Soul will rob our grief of hopelessness.”

Then Dr Holmes writes, “In our own Souls, in the silent processes of thought and understanding, do we not sense another Presence?”

“There is something Divine about us which we have overlooked. There is more to us than we realize.”

Ah! I see! “There is more to us than we realize.” And there is more happening here … on our planet, in our own daily lives … than we realize as well.

And our Soul KNOWS this. At the deepest level of our Being, we KNOW that this is the truth. We know that all that is occurring now in our lives is part of a Larger Process that Life loosely calls “evolution.”

And let us be clear. Evolution is not a process by which we BECOME something. It is a process by which we come to REALIZE what we ALREADY ARE. And all the events of our lives are giving us an opportunity to arrive at this realization.

This is the TRUTH of it. THIS is what’s going on right now all around us. This is what’s ALWAYS been “going on.”

In The Science of Mind text, Dr Ernest Holmes tells us: “The wise man builds his house on the solid rock of TRUTH, and not on the shifting sands of instability.

He measures causes by effects and estimates Reality by that which is real and enduring. The foolish man, living only in sense perception, has no measure for Reality, and builds his home on false opinion and erroneous concept; the vicissitudes of fortune upset his frail building, the storms of experience tear the walls apart, while the edifice falls about him in ruins. Truth alone endures to Eternal Day.”

And the truth is that all that is going on in our lives right now serves us on an evolutionary level, or it wouldn’t, and couldn’t, be happening.

Did you hear that? If it wasn’t for our highest good, it wouldn’t and couldn’t be happening.

Let us turn again to the insights of Ernest Holmes, who writes: “True mystics have not denied the reality of individuality. They have all agreed that the soul is on the pathway of experience, of self-discovery; on the way to its Father’s House.”

“They have told us of the marvelous relationship which exists between God and man … of a close Union which cannot be broken.”

During our life, Dr Holmes says, and I quoth: “We may pass through good fortune and bad, but if we can come to the point where we are not disturbed by “things”, we have found the secret.”

If, as Jesus said, we “judge not according to appearance, but judge by righteous judgment,” remembering that “things which are seen are not made of things which do appear;” if, I repeat, “we can judge in THIS manner, OUT OF ANY CHAOS WE CAN PRODUCE HARMONY.” unquote.

So the trick here, the method of finding peace, joy and love in these days and times, is not to never speak of what’s happening in life, but to speak of it in a new way. Speak of it in Soul Language, rather than Mind Language.

Speak with the words the Soul knows, rather than words the Mind brings us. See the events of life as stepping stones on the pathway to God, on a journey home, on the trip of a lifetime, taking us all to a grander realization of Self.

On this journey, don’t trip up. Instead, trip OUT. Take a trip out of your Mind and into the wisdom of the Soul … and when you come Back to your Mind, bring the SOUL’S knowing WITH you.

The Soul knows that all that is happening right now on this Earth, and in your Life, is presenting each of us - - - all of humanity, as a species … and each of us as individuals - - - the perfect opportunity to announce and declare, express and fulfill, become and experience Who We Really Are.

It is in DOING so that we change things. For as our species SEES what it is doing and decides that this is not who we choose to be, we recognize the gift that such seeing has brought us. And so we “judge not, and neither condemn,” but be a light into the world.

And what does this “look like” in the real world? How does knowing all of this, and reflecting on all of this on this particular day, show up in our lives?

Well, we walk out of here speaking in a Soul Language. That’s a new way of talking. A new way of thinking. A new way of being in the world.

It is as the American poet Em Claire - - - who happens to be my wife - - - has put it…

Speak in a Soul Language
so that Everyone can hear.

Unwind this Story of Humanity
with a
presence so precious
even God cannot give it definition.
Practice loving so deeply
that the word for tears
the School of Compassion
becomes the
World’s Greatest Institution.
Let no one walk alone
with this journey that is
to share.
Speak in a Soul Language,
so that Everyone can hear.

To those who are discouraged, speak, then, with hope, and of your promise that even this shall pass away, but those to whom you speak shall not.

To those who are suffering, speak then with compassion, and of your promise to never let them be alone in their travail.

Rather, say to them: I will not ignore you, nor will I look away from your suffering, but will bear witness TO it, and call on all the forces of All That Is Good in all of us to help relieve it.

To those who are fearful, speak then with assurance, and of your promise that they have within them now exactly what is needed to face the uncertainties of tomorrow, replacing it with the certainty of the Soul’s knowing today:

That God will give them … that God is giving ALL of us, right now … all the strength, all the wisdom, all the insight, all the spiritual understanding and Soul Awareness that we need to “meet this moment” head on, with “head held high,” because we know where we are headed.

We know where this journey is taking us.

We’re all going home.

And this is part of the journey … what’s happening right now is part of the journey … and no one said it would be easy. Life, it turns out, is not for sissies…

So it’s not been easy, but it can be joyful. Difficulty and challenge do not have to translate into sadness or travail.

The challenges we are all facing today are the evidence of our spiritual advancement - - - as a species and as individuals. For to the best students go the most difficult lessons. And so, we can celebrate those challenges.

For we see with clarity now that it is as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross has said: “Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms, you would never see the beauty of their carvings.”

So we say “Thank you, God. Thank you for these gifts of life, both that which we call ‘good’ and that which we call ‘not so good.’ We know and declare that all of life’s events - - - All of them - - - are buoys on life’s rolling sea.

And we are, thanks to these buoys, finding our way to safe harbor, to safe port. Finding our way back home.

We turn again to the poetry of Em Claire to speak this truth in Soul Language.

She writes:

I left my home so long ago now
that I would not recognize my own face.
I constructed the Boat of My Life
and I set out
into the open sea,
waving to all who knew
that the seas would give me
everything I could handle
and everything I could not.
And yet they waved, and I set out
into the open sea
in the Boat of My Life:
built from Soul, crafted by Heart,
and with great innocence I pushed off
into the open sea
and have been away from my home
so long now that I would not recognize my own face
but I know that Home,
remembers me.

Blesséd be.

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Letters to Neale:

Dear Neale... As I am studying to become a spiritual life coach I was introduced to the book Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and the processes they are offering.

There are processes where we are invited to “command” the “universal manager.” Like: “universal manager, I command you to do this particular thing for me….” etc. I know you know and like the book, because your statement is on the back cover.

In Friendship with God God talks about “using God.” I am having a hard time with the words “command” and “use.” I came to understand how God wants to be used for the purpose of life, but when it comes to “commanding,” I am not quite clear. Who am I to “command?” God or “the universal manager” for that matter?

Further, what if my commanding comes from my Ego and limited mind’s data, like “I don’t want this experience this, and command God to take it away from me!” But what if my Soul chose this particular event in order to know itself through it, and to give me the chance to become the greater version of myself? How does commanding and surrendering to the greater truth fit together? Maybe they do and it is just my limited mind that is not able to grasp the connection here.

Coming back from the CWG retreat I attended with you, I am much more in contact with my soul and “do” far less and “be” far more. There is calm where before there was worry.

Reading Bringers of the Light has been another door opener for me. Going within, I feel so much more comfortable being ok with “what is” and taking steps based on my higher knowing, as opposed to “creating” or “commanding” things out of my mind. I also resonate with Loving What Is from Byron Katie, making peace with what is and not having it to be different, but “just” choosing a different perspective on it.

So my question: how does all this fit together? I know there is no such thing as right or wrong, only “what works,” given what it is one is trying to do. I wonder if you could help me to put these pieces of the bigger puzzle together. Thank you so much! Lovingly, Ursula

Neale Responds


Dear Ursula...God invites us in CWG to "call forth" the outcomes in life that we desire. The most effective prayer is a prayer of thanksgiving, offered ahead of time. Events in life can take our faith away...we begin to wonder, and fairly so, where is God in all this? And why would God allow such terrible things to occur? And are we really left to our own devices in this difficult and challenging life, with no God "out there" in the Universe to help us?

I have been assured in my conversations with God that this is not true. But the challenge is that God will not and does not interfere with human lives, in the specific sense. God's role, if we could put it that way, is to empower us...each of step into the Fullness, interiorly, of Who We Really Are...of whatever aspect or aspects of Divinity we wish and choose now to express and demonstrate and experience --- as we confront the exterior events of life, all toward the end that Divinity Itself may be made manifest in us, through us, as us.

Yet why must it be so difficult, even so hurtful, to do that?, one might ask. And again, this is the fairest of questions. The only answer I have been able to find is that the greatest challenges are placed only before those who are ready now for the greatest evolutionary experiences and demonstrations of their True Identity.

Now this may make one want to say, "Hey, then, you know what? Forget about 'evolution!' To heck with 'spiritual growth' and 'demonstrating Divinity.' How about if I just fall back to where I was when I was in Spiritual First Grade? I don't need to know about all this, if all this is going to get me is a pile of sadness, misery, personal hurt and suffering. Where's the 'wonder and the glory' in that? This is what ‘being Divine’ is all about?"

I have had to ask myself that question many times in my life. And I have come to believe that, as you, yourself, suggest, Byron Katie has a handle on this when she says that the answer is simply "loving what is," making peace with everything that's occurring right now, and not needing anyting to be different, but just choosing a different perspective on it.

So the balance point for me, Ursula, is this: I "call forth" (which is another way of "commanding") the internal experience of life that I wish, that I choose, that I desire...and I have faith that God/Life is bringing me the outer, external experiences that are the best for all concerned, offering the highest opportunity for every soul to express and experience what they will benefit most from right now. Then I allow the process of life to proceed as if it were absolutely perfect --- even though I may often not see the perfection (and may even resent having to call it that).

I can easily understand how a person might sometimes want to shout out: "If this is 'perfection,' I want nothing to do with it!" I’ve been there myself. More than once.

That is when I am left to my greatest device: Gratitude. I sit down in those moments and say a prayer of gratitude for all the conditions and circumstances currently presenting themselves, allowing me to announce and declare, express and fulfill, become and experience the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever I held about Who I Am. Then I say a prayer of gratitude, as well, for the right and perfect outcome to all events. My favorite of these prayers is...."Thank you, God, for helping me to understand that this problem has already been solved for me."

Then I allow myself to experience the solution, however it shows up, however it appears in the overall scheme of things, because I know and see that everything is always changing, that no circumstance or condition ever remains the same forever, and that all change is change for the better, or it wouldn't be happening.

It takes enormous faith to live this way,, to make things easier, remember this: the result you are "commanding" is always --- or should always be --- an INTERIOR result, an INTERIOR experience, not an EXTERIOR one. The EXTERIOR events of your life are simply tools that life is presenting you, with which you may create your Interior Experience. This is what Christ demonstrated on the cross, and this is the purpose and reason for all the crucifixions of life, in whatever form.

That is my understanding and my awareness, Ursula. I could, of course, be wrong about all of this. But I always say, if someone knows of a better way to live, a more spiritually and emotionally peaceful way to move through life, please tell me what it is.

I know that God's love accompanies you always as you continue on your journey.

Hugs and all best thoughts,

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