CwG Quotes "Happiness is a state of mind. And like all states of mind, it reproduces itself in physical form. "

- Conversations With God Book 3





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If you see a future event or experience you do not like, don't choose it! Choose again! Select another! Change or alter your behavior so as to avoid the undesired outcome.

- Book Two p 63




Bulletin #603


July 25, 2014

Sadness and Mourning

A Note from Neale...


My dear friends...

Mourning is a wonderful thing. At least, for me it is, and I hope that it is for you. I experience that mourning brings out my humanity and places me deeply in touch with it. It connects me, thus, to my divinity, because when I am deeply, deeply in touch with my humanity, and with all that it means to be fully human, I find that I feel deeply in touch with my divinity as well.

To be fully human feels to me to be the same as being truly divine. I experience that there is a place of holiness where our divinity and humanity meet, and that in this place of wholeness our True Nature is revealed.

Crying is the other side of laughter, and makes it possible. Tears are the connector between the two. We have tears in our eyes when we cry and when we laugh, because our tears do not know the difference. They only know Divinity, you see. They are the fullness of emotion, spilling out as Life Itself, expressed profoundly. And that is divinity.

What we are all mourning, ultimately, is our separation from God--and, equally profoundly, our separation from each other. We know at some very deep level that we all One in God and United with Each Other, and there is no separation between us, nor can there ever be. Yet we live as if there can be, and is. We have been told the opposite by all the great saints and sages, but it seems to good to be true, and we cannot believe it. And so we mourn our loss. Ultimately, all mourning is the mourning of our loss of each other. And of our Oneness with God.

Lest our mourning become too deep, God has given us another life ingredient: great joy. Great Joy evens the scales, evening out our emotions. Joy is the evening of mourning.

And so we are counseled -- again by the great sages and saints, by all the messengers and all those who know themselves to be sons and daughters of God -- that the sun also rises, that joy commeth in the morning.

Or, as I would put it, joy commeth in the mourning. For who would mourn who has not loved? And who has loved who has not known all about being human that is divine?

Life invites us to Know God, in the mourning and in the evening of our days...and of our lives.

With Love,

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Letters to Neale:

Dear Neale,

I have read three of your books and agree with much of what is written. How do parents cope when children have sex without inhibitions, get pregnant and the partner is not willing to support them, and society is not set up so that older people can take over the bringing up of the children?

We are in this situation with our beautiful, loving daughter who cannot cope with bringing up three children on her own. Sex has not proved to be a joyful, happy, playful experience for her, or her family. How can we put the CwG suggestions into practice to help change her world?


Neale Responds


Dear Natali,

Sex and pregnancy do not have to go hand in hand. In this day and age, there are many means by which the two can be separated. In addition, it is important to point out that whenever CwG speaks about the joys of sexual pleasure, it speaks in terms of responsible sex. "Uninhibited" sex does not mean "irresponsible" sex. Indeed, it means just exactly the opposite. Only when total responsibility has been taken can partners truly feel totally uninhibited.

Taking responsibility means, among other things, finding out ahead of time if both partners in the sexual experience are willing to take responsibility for whatever outcomes may occur. If the answer is "no," simply stay out of intimate contact. Taking responsibility also means taking every possible precaution to avoid pregnancy, if pregnancy is not a desired outcome. With due respect to your daughter, Natali, I find myself wondering whether she and her partner(s?) took these steps.

Finally, Natali, if they did take these steps, and an unwanted pregnancy resulted nevertheless, there was always the option of placing the baby up for adoption. There are thousands of people around the world who are standing in line right now for babies. Your daughter, for whatever reasons, apparently decided not to exercise this or other options, but to raise all of the children she has birthed.

I hope that I do not appear to be simplifying a very delicate and difficult challenge that your daughter is facing, but I would like to gently suggest that the problem was not how joyful, playful or uninhibited her sexual experiences were, but, rather, how clear she was about her decisions regarding pregnancy and children both before and after those experiences.

Now, you have asked, "How can we put the CwG suggestions into practice to help change her world?" My answer would be to, first, resist the temptation to place anyone else at "fault" here. Everybody had a role to play in the creation of the present circumstances, and everyone played their role. There are no victims and no villains here.

This understanding alone will change much of the energy of hopelessness and helplessness that stops life from being joyous. That is, of course, the goal. That life be joyous. And then, that the joy we experience be passed on, to help create a more joyful world.

Your daughter, and you, can be the source of Joy for all of the world you touch. Your daughter can cope with bringing up three children on her own. Others have done it. It is a question of attitude, of intent, of determination. And of faith. Faith in life and faith in God.

If your daughter has faith that all things have turned out and turned up in her life for the highest good of all concerned, she will embark on each day with a remarkably different attitude. She will develop a very real love of life, no matter how hard it is, and a very real friendship with God. This, in turn, will draw to her what all positive thinkers draw to themselves: great energy and surprising resources. Even miracles.

I strongly encourage both you and your daughter to read (don't laugh now, I'm serious about this) The Power of Positive Thinking , by Norman Vincent Peale. I'm sure you can get it at any library. It is a bit traditional in its theology, but its overarching messages are clear--and it is powerful. I further recommend Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, by Lynn Grabhorn. It discusses the astonishing power of feelings. Thanks for writing, Natali. I hope this has been of some help.

Many blessings,

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