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I tell you this: The purpose of life is not to please God. The purpose of life is to know, and to recreate, Who You Are.

- Book Two p 41




Bulletin #563


October 18, 2013

Meditation on the 'Go'

A Note from Neale...


My dear friends,

Conversations with God invites us to strive always for awareness. It even gives us several formulas by which we can arrive at this place of consciousness. One of the most effective of these methods is meditation. There are many ways to meditate, and it was a wonderful discovery when I learned this.

One of the most powerful forms of meditation for me is what I have called Stopping Meditation. The reason this is so powerful for me is that it can be done anywhere, and it takes very little time. Therefore, it is perfect for busy people “on the go.”

Stopping Meditation means just that. It means we stop whatever we are doing for just a moment and pay attention to something about it. We dissect it in that moment, and then look closely at one of its individual pieces. Here’s how Stopping Meditation works.

Decide that six times today (and every day) you will stop whatever you are doing for 10 seconds and look closely and intently at one of its component pieces. Let’s say you’re washing the dishes. Stop what you’re doing for 10 seconds—just stop in the middle of it—and peer deep inside one aspect of what you are doing.

Look, perhaps, at the water. See it splashing on the dishes. See if you can count the drops of water on the dish in your hand. Just count the water drops. I know it is an impossible task, but undertake to do it anyway, just for 10 seconds.

Consider the wonder of the water. Look deeply into it. Peer inside. GO inside, in your Consciousness. See what you experience there, see what you find. Just stop for a tiny moment and appreciate that moment in a singular way.

Okay, now the 10 seconds are up. Now pull yourself out of that highly focused reality and back into the larger space of your experience. Don’t get “lost” in it. Blink your eyes rapidly, or snap your finger, and literally snap out of it. Then, notice what you experienced for that brief moment.

Now go on with what you were doing. Yet don’t be surprised if it takes on a whole new quality. What you have done is truly appreciate something. To “appreciate” something is to make it larger, to increase it, just as property is said to appreciate in value. When you use Stopping Meditation, you increase the value of your life. And of life itself. It has been my experience that this inevitably returns me to a place of peace.

In order to remind yourself to do this six times a day you may wish to have a little timer with you, or set your watch to beep. Later, as you get used to doing this, your stopping will come automatically to you.

You will do this without having to be reminded. Walking down the street, you will simply stop for a moment and select a portion of what you are seeing and see it again, in a deeper way. You will know what you already know about that, but you will know it in a deeper way. This is called “knowing again,” or re-cognizing. The purpose of all of your life is simply this: to know again, to recognize, what is true, and Who You Really Are.

There are a thousand ways to do this. Maybe you catch a reflection of yourself in a store window. Maybe you see a bus going by. Perhaps you spy a dog on the street, or a pebble at your feet. It does not matter what you focus on for those 10 seconds. Just stop for a tiny moment and appreciate that moment in a singular way.

I have regular times when I do this, and listening to music is one of them. Standing in the shower is another. Eating food is another. Pick up a pea from the plate, or a kernel of corn. Consider it. Appreciate it. Taste it utterly and completely. Your meal times will never be the same. Your showers will never be the same. YOU will never be the same.

This is Stopping Meditation. It takes one minute a day. Sixty seconds, in six individual installments. Six moments within which you may produce The Holy Experience.

Today, stop what you are doing. Just STOP. Look deeply into the moment. If nothing else, just close your eyes and focus on the sound of your own breath. Experience the pure energy of life moving into and through your body. Just for that moment, listen to yourself breathe. Watch yourself take deeper breaths.

Just listening to yourself makes you want to go deeper into the experience—and so you begin to breath more deeply. It is a wonderful thing, an extraordinary thing. Just STOPPING makes you go deeper. Deeper into your experience, deeper into the mind of God.

Now here is a meditation program that I have recommended to many people: (1) Walking Meditation in the morning; (2) Stopping Meditation during the day, six times; (3) Sitting Meditation at night.

The purpose of all of these meditations is to create focus. It is about focusing your attention on your experience. The reason for focus: it allows you to be here now. Focusing on Now pulls you out of yesterday and out of tomorrow. You do not exist in those illusions. You have your only reality in This Moment, right here, right now.

Peace is found in such awareness. As is love. For peace and love are one and the same, and you become One and The Same when you enter into The Holy Experience.

With Love,

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Letters to Neale: Faith is just around the corner.

Dear Neale,

I'm at a low point in my life right now.  I seem to be paralyzed in my fear.  Nothing I try to do is working for me. How does one have faith, when nothing seems to be working?  I have read and re-read your book, Conversations with God .  I love your book. 

I believe everything God has said to you.  I trying to change my thoughts to positive thoughts, but my fears and doubts get in the way.  I tried to write to God on paper, but He seems silent to me.  Yet I know He is talking to me by the sunsets in the sky, and the music on the radio. 

I choose to turn my life around like you did, but it's so hard to really have faith. 


Neale Responds


My dear, dear Kathy...

Wow, am I glad you wrote to ME!  You're talking to a guy who found himself living on the street without a penny to his name.  And not just for a week or two, or a month or so, but for a whole year .  Imagine that, Kathy: a year living in the weather, with only a tent for shelter, and only the handouts that people give you to eat.

I'm not trying to get your sympathy, Kathy.  I just want you to know that I understand what it is to lose faith -- or to find it hard to hang onto in the face of outward circumstances that just won't let up or won't resolve themselves.  So I know exactly where you are "coming from."

Having said that, I promise you that there is a way out.  I promise you.  And it is on the way right now.  Do you know how I know that?  Because you have written to me!  And that alone is a sign that your inner thinking has still found room for hope.  You may think that you just wrote to me for "answers," but the inner truth, Kathy, is that you wrote to me from a place of hope.  If you had absolutely no hope, you would not have written to me at all.  Believe me.  I know how the mind works. 

So I'm soooo glad that you wrote to me, because I like that sure sign of hope!  My last book, Home with God, talks about "hope" in some very inspiring ways.  Let me share some of that material with you here, Kathy.  Home with God says:

Hope plays a wonderful life...Never give up hope. Never. Hope is a statement of your highest desire. It is the announcement of your grandest dream. Hope is thought, made Divine.

Hope is the doorway to belief, belief is the doorway to knowing, knowing is the doorway to creation, and creation is the doorway to experience.

Experience is the doorway to expression, expression is the doorway to becoming, becoming is the activity of all Life and the only function of God.

What you hope, you will eventually believe, what you believe, you will eventually know, what you know, you will eventually create, what you create, you will eventually experience, what you experience, you will eventually express, what you express, you will eventually become. This is the formula for all of life. 

It is as simple as that.

Now Kathy, the trick here is to hang onto hope, and to enlarge it!  This is easy, but you cannot start from a place of sadness or depression or hopelessness.  What you are, you enlarge.  Even so-called "positive thoughts" won't work when, as you say, "fears and doubts get in the way."  You are right!  They DO get in the way!  But the good news is, there is a way to get fears and doubts out of your mind forever!

First, stop thinking about your situation, Kathy, and start thinking about the situation you would like to be in.   Picture it, visualize it, write about it in your journal -- write a complete description of it.  When your mind wanders to your worries and fears and doubts, don't give them a second thought.  Just change your visual picture immediately to thoughts of how you want your life to be, rather than how it is.  Keep THAT picture in your head at all times!  Remember that your thoughts are a magnet, Kathy.  What you give your thoughts to you give energy to, and what you give energy to you create.

THEN, Kathy, pray.  That's right, pray.  Share a few words with God.  But do not pray to God for a solution to your problems or a change in your condition.  Say a prayer of gratitude.  Thank God for the wonderful and happy outcome that is just around the corner.  Here is my favorite prayer, Kathy.  I have used it for years, and it is remarkable what power it has:

Thank you, God, for helping me to understand that this problem has already been solved for me.

Know that the solution to everything is coming, Kathy.  Just KNOW it.  Because it IS.  There is no question about it.  There is no doubt .  If doubt creeps in, just say "No. Go away!  I'll have nothing to do with you."  And MEAN IT.  Have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.  Think of something else immediately.  Think of bowling.  Or Christmas.  Or chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.  Or whatever you can think of that makes you happy!  Go right there!  Go right there in your mind, and say Thank you, God, for all the good stuff in this life!  And thank you for bringing me more and more of it.

Then, promise to share everything that you receive.  Make a solemn pledge within yourself that you are never going to pass a person again who has a hand out and not give them something.  Agree with yourself that you are going to give a little something to every good cause and every good project that you feel deserves your help.  In fact,  start that right now.   If you only have pennies to give, give them now.  Giving away a portion of what you have, howEVER "little" that is, is an act of unshakeable FAITH that there is MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM. 

Always remember, as you act with Life, so will Life act with you.  Life is nothing more than a big Xerox machine.  Somewhere, you got yourself into a spiral of negative, fearful, doubtful thinking.  It is understandable.  It is also avoidable.  And escapable.  You don't have to stay there.  Get out of there. 

"Act as if" things are just the way you want them to be.  In fact, go one step further.  See the perfection in things being just as they are right now.  This is the secret of all happiness.  Happiness is accepting "what is" right here, right now, without qualification or reservation.  Happiness is not needing anything to be different from the way it is in this moment.  The irony of this is, the moment you move into that kind of peaceful non-resistance and calm happiness, the very energy of that happiness starts reproducing itself right before your eyes.

The secret of true inner peace was once shared with me through the wisdom of spiritual master Da Free John, in three words. 

Cease all againstness.

You've asked me how to get your faith back, Kathy, and how to keep it.  This is how.  Now, I want you to go out right now and buy a book, even if you have to spend the last nickels, dimes, and quarters that you have in the house.  I want you to get Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  Order it from or get it from your local bookstore.  Do it, Kathy.  Get it and read it.  

Then I want you to take one of your last dimes if that's all you've got left and give it away.  Give it to some charity, or some non-profit organization that your heart supports.  Do it, Kathy.  Just do it.  And don't ever think that your dime or your single dollar bill means nothing to those hard-working non-profit organizations.  Do you know how much it would mean right now if everyone reading this message sent a dime or a dollar to the ReCreation Foundation?  That could have a huge impact on the work that we are trying to do in sharing the messages of Conversations with God with the world.

Well, there you have it, Kathy.  A short course in Keeping the Faith.  Oh, there's one final thing.  Help someone else keep the faith.  What you choose for yourself, create for another.  That is a message directly out of CwG .  So find someone else who is down on their luck and who may be losing faith, and give them back theirs.  Then watch your own spirits lift, and your fortunes soar.

I love ya, Kathy!  All will be well. 

Your friend,

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From the Director's chair

Writing to you this week from Dodge City Kansas, on our way to our next stop: Little Rock Arkansas.

On Sunday October 20th Laura and I look forward to meeting with Rachael and a small group of friends for a CWG questions and answers session. For more information, write me at

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Until next week, hope to see you on our travels or at one of our upcoming events.

JR and Laura

(J.R. Westen, D.D., C.Ad, is a Holistic Health & Spiritual Counselor who has worked and presented side-by-side with Neale Donald Walsch for over a decade. He is passionate about helping individuals move beyond their emotional and spiritual challenges, transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs. His counseling and coaching provides practical wisdom and guidance that can be immediately incorporated to shift one’s experience of life. As is true for most impactful teachers, J.R.’s own struggles and triumphs inspired him to find powerful ways of helping others. Sober since June 1, 1986, J.R.’s passion for helping individuals move through intense life challenges drove him to also specialize in Addiction and Grief Recovery. J.R. currently shares his gift of counseling & coaching with individuals from around the world. In addition, he operates “Change House” a place where people come to transform. He also works with Escondido Sobering Services and now serves as the Executive Director for the Conversations with God Foundation. He can be contacted at JR@CWG.ORG.)


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