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Fear and guilt are your only enemies. If you let go of fear, fear lets go of you. If you release guilt, guilt will release you

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Bulletin #555


August 23, 2013

How does Divinity manifest itself?

A Note from Neale...


My dear friends, 

Even just a cursory exploration of our world reveals the extent to which sadness and suffering inhabit the human experience. It is impossible to be alive on this planet without encountering both. The question is not whether you will encounter it, the question is, how much of it will you encounter?

Behind that lurks another, more important question. When you do encounter sadness and suffering, how will you deal with it? What tools will you have. More to the point: What tools do you have? I mean, as human beings what tools are we given?  And by whom?

I believe there is something larger than myself, something larger than all of humanity, something larger, even, than the entire universe. I call this something “God.”

I believe that God exists and that God is the Supreme Intelligence behind and in everything. When I say “in” everything, I mean to assert that the Thing that I call Divinity is manifesting Itself in, as, and through all of Life. It is the underlying aspect, the foundational energy, of all that exists, in any and every form.

Using human language (which I understand is very limited), I call this energy the Divine Essence. It is That Which Is, manifesting in a million-billion-trillion ways that ultimately form everything in existence, both physical and non-physical, visible and invisible. It is part and parcel of All That Is, and nothing that Is can be in any way other than, or separate from, It.

I believe this Divine Essence has intelligence — indeed, is Intelligence in its Purest Form — and that the degree to which this Intelligence manifests Itself is related to the level of Consciousness evidenced or present in any Life Form.

Further, I believe that Consciousness is expandable when it is Aware of Itself. That is, when a Life Form expresses the quality of Self-Consciousness, it is said to be Aware of Itself, and is thus labeled, in our language, a Sentient Being.

I believe that Sentient Beings are the Ultimate Expression of Divine Essence, and that the Pure Intelligence of God is accessible to all Sentient Beings. Indeed, I believe it is the purpose and underlying intention of all Sentient Beings to fully express Divine Essence.

I define Divinity as The Sum Total of All Essential Energy.  Using the limited language that is available to me, I describe this Essential Energy as Pure Intelligence and Perfect Love.

I see this Essential Energy as the Totality of All That Is, and in my understanding it is from this Totality that All That Is emerges and expresses.

This is another way of saying that it is in God that we live and breathe and have our Being.

If any of this is true, then why does sadness and suffering exist? What form of Pure Intelligence or Perfect Love would will for Itself this kind of experience — and why? And what kind of tools does Life provide for its various Expressions in the moments of their encountering this experience?

To answer this question we must inquire into the nature of sadness and suffering itself. And we will do that, precisely, in our next entry here.

With love and hugs,

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Letters to Neale: What is the 'right' thing to do for our mother?

Dear Neale,

please respond to my family asap. we are becoming divided re: the care, comfort & well-being of our 89-year-old mother in a nursing home. she is very ill & has been for a very long time w/ advanced Alzheimers & and many other medical aliments - but has gotten progressively worse.

she has just had her toe amputated and has contracted aspirating pneumonia in the hospital. now, back at the nursing home - we have been 'told' not to give her liquids (esp water) w/ a straw, only a spoon?(and thickened). mom has had an aversion to utensils & had been taking very little (if any) food as a result. a straw is the only way she takes any sustenance & not very much of it this way.

the nursing home has 'battled' us consistently w/policy, rules & regulations which we feel are compromising our mother's well-being. my father is even scared to get in 'trouble' if we don't do things 'their' way. we don't even have any communication w/ her doctor & care plans & meds have been ordered & changed w/out our knowledge or even 1st being consulted.

now, some of us want to remove all meds & some don't & the family is becoming divided. most of us feel she should have whatever she wants, whatever way she takes it, whenever she wants it. according to 'their' rules - when mom wakes up & I am there & want to give her water - i can't – because she is on 'their choking list' & we must be in the dining room in front of nurses & staff. so we are supposed to get her up & dressed & all, to the dining room or call & wait for someone to come to give her water? her tongue is shriveled up, her lips are stuck together & i can't give my mother water?

mom had been in mental anguish for the longest time but now has a calm about her, even though she is mostly unresponsive. her 'time' may be coming soon but she has clung to this life w/ an amazing resilience. her little body is so frail. it has been so hard & sad to witness her life going on like this. we just want her to be happy & give her whatever she may need, but we all can't agree on what is best for her.

i have asked God for help but have been unable to come up w/ the 'right' course of action. we have sought help from hospice, the nursing home, priests, friends, family council, the media & advocate groups. but we can't come to any conclusions or agreement on what is best for our mother. please give us your input.

thank you, neale! with much fondness - tony jr.

Neale Responds


Dear Tony,

I must be old fashioned, but I can tell you that if I were the husband of that lady I would want no one deciding what is best for her but me...she and I were there before anyone else existed. We began the journey together and we end the journey together, and nothing and no one comes between us, not even our own children, who we brought into this world, by the way...

I would say to my children, “Excuse me, but even before you were, I was...”

So I guess what I am saying here is, unless there is some mental failing on his part, your Mother’s husband should be the one making these decisions—whether you children like what he is deciding or not. This is not a “family decision,” this is a husband and life partner’s decision.

You have not said in your note to me that your Father has diminished mental capacities...only that he is “scared” to “get in trouble” if things are not done the way the nursing home wants them done. That bit of apprehension does not disqualify your Dad from making the major decisions regarding his wife and your Mother, Tony, unless I live in another world...

Give your Father his due and stop complicating things for him. Support him in whatever decisions he makes. That is the way to make it easier for him—and, incidentally, for all the children, too. You can disagree with your Father, but he is still your Father—and, perhaps more significantly, the husband and life partner of the woman we are talking about here. When she was younger and more herself, to whom would your mother, herself, turn for advice?

Have I missed something?

Is there something here that you are not telling me, such as, “My mother hated my father and would never ask him for the time of day, much less what to do now..."

From a spiritual point of view, there is no “right” and “wrong” if you are looking for simple advice, the only counsel I can give you is...if your mother herself is now at peace, with whatEVER is going on, why are you allowing yourself to become so agitated? And if you think that she is suffering so (even though she apparently has no experience of it—which, by the way, means that she is not), then all the children may want to pitch in and either get her a private nurse or do whatever else is necessary to give her better care than you feel she is receiving where she now resides.

I am puzzled as to how it can be that you have no contact with her doctor. Does he practice in another state? On the moon? From an offshore tax shelter? What stops you children and your Dad from simply making a joint appointment and all going over to see him at his office to discuss your Mother’s meds and other aspects of her care? Does he refuse to see you? Does he cancel your appointments? Does he evade you in the hallways? Has this man been reported to the County Medical Society and the AMA? Or...could the problem be on your family's end, do you think?

Anyway, Tony, from the who-says-that-I-know-anything deptartment, those are my observations. I send you my best thoughts during what I know is a challenging time for you and your family. Send up a prayer to God, Tony. A simple one. "Please, dear God, help my mother as she makes her final journey Home." Then be at peace, and rest your mind if you can. I know this time is not easy.


[Editor’s Note: Tony let us know that his mother has made her transition. We send our blessings to her and to all of Tony’s family.]

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From the Director's chair

I love the Conversations with God material because it offers such simple solutions to everyday problems. The wisdom within CwG provides new perspective, a shift in thinking and a path to peace. It’s exactly why I chose that as the name for our recovery retreats. A Path to Peace is available to every human being who honestly looks for it. Sometimes it’s as simple as just choosing the opposite possibility. My very first AA sponsor use to say that to me. He would say, JR, if you just did the opposite of what your head tells you, 99% of the time things would work out better for you. I thought he was nuts, but he got me to think about it. He was the first person to help me think consciously. From then on I started looking at other possibilities before I acted, I also began to consider what if anything would be different if another path was taken. He helped me to understand that not only could I think, I could think critically.

This is an important point in the development of a human beings life, for when you begin to think critically, everything changes. Rather than being a reactor to life, you become a conscious creator of it. Beingness flows out of consciousness which is creative. When you understand this power within, you are said to have been ‘given back to yourself’. That is, you remember who you really are. All beings have these powers, whether or not they realize it. The power to choose, the power to create, the power to respond - how you use your power is up to you. Knowing that you are able to respond is called responsible or response-able. When you are responsible and choose consciously, you will make up your life in a magnificent way. Because you know that you know and you use your knowingness to be and become. Do so consciously and there is nothing, read that, no thing that can stop you from creating an incredible life.

That was the gift that CwG gave to me. It was the book that ‘turned the light on for me’. It is why I have remained so connected to it all of these years. I think one of the main reasons why CwG has had such a huge impact in the world is because it is written in such an accessible way. We affectionately call it “A Course in Miracles” in English. It was after I read CwG that made my next read through of “A Course in Miracles” so impactful. And for that matter many other texts that I have read over the years as well.

I bet you have had a similar experience. It may be why you stay connected to us. Our function is to preserve the opportunity for everyone who desires to have that experience of awakening. Your support makes that possible. Every day we turn on the lights at the Foundation, we come here ready willing and able to serve. Our most common requests are for help and for community. We are dedicated to creating more of both.

To that end, here are just some of the things we are up to.

Please know that we have a wonderful coaching staff. You can learn more about them here:

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You can see that I am dedicated to staying connected with you. It is one of the best parts about my job. I love receiving your e-mails and phone calls. I am here to serve you, so please never feel like you can’t reach out because I am too busy. This is not only my job, it is my passion. Sure I get busy, sure I travel a lot, but you are important to me, so reach out anyway. If you don’t hear back from me within a couple of days, resend your e-mail. Too often does the dreaded ole spam filter eat messages. You are important to me, so keep trying. Lessons to be taken into life as well…never give up!

We are up to some very cool things here at the Foundation and I am always looking for more ways of better serving you. I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. The community that is built around these messages rocks. It is one of the reasons I am dedicated to having more programs around the country and next year around the world. If you feel called to help us create one or participate in any way let me know.


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Until next week hugs from Ashland! JR

(J.R. Westen, D.D., C.Ad, is a Holistic Health & Spiritual Counselor who has worked and presented side-by-side with Neale Donald Walsch for over a decade. He is passionate about helping individuals move beyond their emotional and spiritual challenges, transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs. His counseling and coaching provides practical wisdom and guidance that can be immediately incorporated to shift one’s experience of life. As is true for most impactful teachers, J.R.’s own struggles and triumphs inspired him to find powerful ways of helping others. Sober since June 1, 1986, J.R.’s passion for helping individuals move through intense life challenges drove him to also specialize in Addiction and Grief Recovery. J.R. currently shares his gift of counseling & coaching with individuals from around the world. In addition, he operates “Change House” a place where people come to transform. He also works with Escondido Sobering Services and now serves as the Executive Director for the Conversations with God Foundation. He can be contacted at JR@CWG.ORG.)


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