CwG Quotes "You are seeking to experience yourself as the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever had about Who You Are. "

- Conversations with God Book 3





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I will speak t you of a New Spirituality. A kind of spirituality that will allow humans to express their natural impulse to seek and to experience the Divine without making each other wrong for the way in which they are doing it, and without killing each other in the name of it. The New Spirituality is a call to expanded consciousness. It is an invitation to conscious creation. It is the next step in the process of evolution. This will create a revolution on your planet. It will be a nonviolent revolution, which is always the most revolutionary revolution of all

- Tomorrow's God p 12, 56





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My Dear Friends,


My Dear Friends... I just asked if we could agree on the answer to a series of important questions. Let me share with you now why the answer is “yes” for me. If we are, in fact, manifestations of Divinity, expressing more and more of what It is and using “physicality” to demonstrate and experience this --- if we are, in fact, in no way separate from The Whole of what God is --- then it seems to me we must conclude that everything that is occurring, both in our individual lives and in our collective experience, serves Divinity’s purpose perfectly, inasmuch as things happening in a way that would not serve Divinity’s purpose would be impossible in the experience of The Divine. We must also conclude that our experience of life is controllable to a much larger degree than we might imagine, inasmuch as it is impossible for Divinity to not have control of Its own process of expression. Further, we are told in Conversations with God that God has provided all sentient beings (each of whom are Individuations of Divinity) with the ability to control energy’s inward expression in every form in every moment. That is, we are all endowed with the ability to respond to outward events and circumstances in any way that we wish --- and the way that we choose has a direct affect on those events and circumstances. It is in this way that we create our personal reality, and join in co-creating our collective outward experience..... More...